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Just some chick.

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Henry Fielding: Tom Jones
David Foster Wallace: Infinite Jest
Thomas Klise: The Last Western
Klaus Theweleit: Männerphantasien
Richard Rorty: Contingency, Irony, & Solidarity
Richard Dawkins: The Selfish Gene
Malcolm Lowry: Under the Volcano
George Bernard Shaw: The Quintessence of Ibsenism
Anonymous: A Woman in Berlin
Short fiction of James Thurber
Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole Diaries
PG Wodehouse
Philip Pullman: His Dark Materials
Fyodor Dostoevsky: The Brothers Karamazov
Vladimir Nabokov: Pale Fire
David Nobbs: The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
George Saunders: Civilwarland in Bad Decline

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I wrote 1739 days ago

The Girl in Black. So sweet, so sad. I simply cannot believe you dashed that off in two hours, Charles. It is well worth working up into something more polished, something longer. The protagonist is full of wayward charm. I feel that so much more could be made of him. My suggestion for this ... view book

I wrote 1741 days ago

I will remark separately on each of these. The first is a very lovely, rather old-fashioned Christmas story, written with the author's familiar gentle humor and in his habitually simple, elegant prose. A lot is packed into a small space in this story, a wide variety of moods, scenes, observations.... view book

I wrote 1814 days ago

Also plucked, don't forget. In case they have moles. (Hiya, bwind3! So pleased to see your book leaping up the charts like it is sposed to. I'll be around to plug in a few days too.) view book

I wrote 1821 days ago

Wow, really fun. And hey, I love the Mike Sammes Singers! As it happens!! Ha ha. Hilariously funny and I love the bantering humor in this, the chatty, intimate narration. The dialect is flawlessly rendered and very easy for even a Yank to understand. There's suspense, intrigue, a romance and two... view book

I wrote 1822 days ago

Hello Jason, I'm just through Ch.4 and very much enjoying this imaginative, thoughtful fantasy. It's hard for me to tell from the excerpt what the narrative arc is, here, so I've confined my comments to kind of nuts-and-bolts issues until I get a better sense of the whole. Shelved with pleasure and... view book

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