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My name is David Colclasure and I spent the first 24 years of my life in the Panama Canal Zone where my father was the budget accountant for the Panama Canal Company and my mother was chief dietician at Gorgas Hospital. I have a B.S. degree in Computer Systems Engineering and currently work in Little Rock, Arkansas for a local company.

I've written several articles and stories over the years, however this is my first novel. I ask that you be brutal, for my intent is to improve the work. I'm happy to swap reads, but you go first. Too many swap agreements go unanswered if I read and back first. I'm not brutal in my cirtiques, but I do want to encourage you to improve, if possible, your projects and I will always back your novel.

I am actively seeking representation and encourage all agents and others to contact me at: dcolcl@hotmail.com.

This work, of which only 12 chapters are displayed, is complete at 70,000 words.

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I wrote 1251 days ago

Very well done. I'll gladly back this for you. Dave view book

I wrote 1254 days ago

Very well done. Believe in Him, have Faith in Him, Follow His wisdom, and His greatest commandment, Love one another, will give you peace. With this Love and Peace in your heart, many other revelations will come to you. The world is coming into the time of Revelations, and we need to look to the ... view book

I wrote 1263 days ago

Nice. I've put this on my shelf for you. Dave view book

I wrote 1263 days ago

Love your first paragraph. It grips the reader and urges him onward. Backed and on my shelf. Dave view book

I wrote 1263 days ago

The only thing I would suggest is to put more of a hook in the beginning paragraph. Most readers will read that paragraph and, if it doesn't 'grab' them, move on to another book. Just my humble opinion, of course. All my best and I've put your work on my shelf. Dave view book

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