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Hi. If you found me here, and you're looking for my book, Stubborn Hearts, it will be published as an eBook through Crimson Romance this August. I hope you'll take a chance on a new author. To all the Authonomy members who critiqued and encouraged me, thank you. If you have a completed romance novel, Crimson Romance is accepting submissions. Best wishes to all.


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I love anything written by LaVyrle Spencer. I've read some of her books many times over. She's retired from writing and I sure miss looking for her latest book to read. The Flame and the Flower, written by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, was the first romance novel I'd ever read. Wow! Nothing like what I thought romances were! Now I love reading and writing romances.

As for books on writing, my absolute favorite is Don't Sabatoge Your Submission by Chris Roerden. This book is full of editing advice. It's not for anyone working on their first draft, but if you're serious about editing your writing, this book is a must. With many years as a editor, Ms. Roerden really knows her stuff!

Being a visual artist, I also love picture books. Barbara Reid and her plastercine illustrations are incredible. I've purchased every one of her picture books, not for the grandkids, but for myself. My husband wonders if I'll ever grow up. Probably not.

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I wrote 866 days ago

Hi. Stole a moment to read the first chapter of Miss Manners. You've got a gem here. It's lots of fun to read and I can't help but wonder what I'd do in Anna's shoes. Great writing. One thing caught my attention. If you are peering into a rear view mirror, you can't see your entire outfit. Just your... view book

I wrote 1011 days ago

Hi, Al. Your story is compelling and I find myself enjoying it more than I did the first time I glanced at it. Maybe it's due to the rewrite. On occasion I've come across some critiques you've done for other writers on Authonomy. I'm impressed with how well you know your grammar well and by how much... view book

I wrote 1011 days ago

Hi Margaret. I'm enjoying your book and I've decided to rate it high and pop it on to my bookshelf. I'm curious as to how you got to number eight hundred-something when you have so few backings. What number did you start with? I'm still trying to figure out Authonomy's ranking system. Best wishes wi... view book

I wrote 1025 days ago

One more thing. If this is already published, why am I even critiqing it? Carol view book

I wrote 1025 days ago

Sherri, just finished reading Chapter 7 and I'm quite enjoying your story. You've got some great writing here... "roped a pair of greedy arms around her narrow waist." Wonderful! Sorry, but I find reading about what happens at the office a bit of a drag. It seems to slow the pace too much. Can you h... view book

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