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I am a Christian wife and mother, a recreational runner, and an avid gardener.

I write short, uplifting devotions of faith using descriptive imagery. I write with an inquisitive, playful spirit and often approach difficult topics from a unique perspective, using examples from the natural world to symbolize aspects of faith.

I believe that God has given us each a personalized path to travel and it is our responsibility to learn the lessons brought about by the obstacles on our path. I am thankful that your path has crossed mine today. God bless you!

Agents and publishers may contact me at rjvanmeter@msn.com.

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A Beautiful Gift; Devotions fo....

Julie Van Meter

Life is a mystery - a beautiful gift given to us by a loving God. These short, descriptive devotions explore gifts we have received.

Have you ever received a beautifully wrapped gift and wondered what was contained inside?

This devotional has been written to help us discover the gifts from God - gifts of courage, friendship, provision, second chances, and so much more. The ultimate gift described is the gift of God's Son, Jesus Christ.

The short readings contained within are descriptive in nature and are arranged by season. Related scripture passages are included with each devotion.

Would you like to open a beautiful gift?

Settle into a comfortable chair, unwrap the bow, and peel back the paper to reveal a beautiful gift from God.


Pursuing the Peaceful Path; De....

Julie Van Meter

Enjoy the descriptive imagery in these short, uplifting devotions. Replace fear and uncertainty with peace and encouragement for the day.

This is a book about faith - faith in a loving God who cares deeply for you. By strengthening faith, you can let go of fear and have a more fulfilling life.

These short devotions are designed to be read in about five minutes by busy people on the path of life.

The readings contain descriptions from nature. The descriptions are designed to allow you to experience the scene as if you were right there, touching, feeling, and seeing the surroundings personally.

Tension between the natural world and the heavenly world is a concept that is explored in each devotion.

As the devotion unfolds, a natural scene that is common and familiar demonstrates an aspect of God's character. For example, a thunderstorm is described to show God's power.

Scripture passages are included with each, because the Bible is God's love note to mankind. Scripture is an important way that God speaks to us and is a key part of each devotion.

May God bless you on your path!


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I wrote 626 days ago

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the light-hearted, laugh-filled read. If your book became published, I would buy it for all my friends who are mothers. I loved it from the start. Six stars and backed. Julie Van Meter Pursuing the Peaceful Path and A Beautiful Gift view book

I wrote 628 days ago

Beautiful, descriptive writing. I love the raw emotion in your words and felt as if I was right there, experiencing each scene with you. Six stars! view book

I wrote 628 days ago

Very well researched. I enjoyed the way you interwove historical events (Nebedchadnezzar's reign, Alexander the Great, etc) with the book of Revelations and with our present day interest in supernatural events (such as aliens). Great job - very interesting to read. I wish you the best on your pat... view book

I wrote 820 days ago

Nathan, This is a beautifully written book. Great character development and action-packed from the very beginning. I like the way you paint a picture of the setting with descriptive language. It made me feel as if I was right there, experiencing everything as well. Six stars and backed. ... view book

I wrote 863 days ago

Scott, Thank you for the comments. I am so glad you enjoyed the devotion. Morning devotions are the best! There is something about the quiet of morning that helps me to become more centered for the entire day. Have a great day! Julie view book

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