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I've always wanted to write a book - those that know me will attest that I always have something to say.
I tried when I was 20 - spent a few hours writing out a broad 3 book plot, then began at page 1. I managed to get to the end of the first book - written longhand before personal computers were invented - but at the end realised it was self indulgent crap. But I have kept it in my bed side drawers ever since to remind me of the dream.
Then one day many years later I was lying in my hammock, between jobs, feeling sorry for myself, and the idea for the book popped into my head. I figured I had some spare time while I looked for the next job. But it took 2 years to plan out all 3 books and several years of writing to get to complete the first book - I do have to work for a living. I surprised myself how the words came out so easily considering I have an engineering and IT career.
I must admit to being a science fiction and fantasy enthusiast - introduced to it by my father who had a bewildering array of old science fiction magazines and books in his garage.
I actually like my book and reread it often - I hope you like it too.

favourite books

Just finished reading Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson - a fascinating read depicting the 'no prisoners taken' obsessive drive to change the world for the better by an absolute visionary who actually did.

I like the Harry Potter series for the attention paid to detail painting a rich fantasy world, and the characterisations are very consistent. Very easy reading

Similarly the Lord of the Rings Series paints a complete picture - a masterpiece in my view. Starting to display my preferences now!

Another favourite is Julian Mays Saga of the Exiles for firing the imagination.

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Reality Threshold

Robert Hinch

This fantasy thriller, about teenagers discovering a very unusual computer game, is fast paced, imaginative, easy reading, and keeps you guessing till the last chapter.

Jamie had problems! The virtual reality computer game encrouched on his real life well and truly when he mentally zotted a mosquito with an energy blast from his finger, and it worked! He could have rationalised the athleticism, or the healed bruises, but this was something else. And when that troublemaker Lance bought a copy, things got complicated. He had to include more of his friends to play Lance’s team. Now his mate Kevin was ranting about voices outside his bedroom trying to coerce him into the game. And that mysterious game character who popped up everywhere looked much like the shopkeeper who had sold them the game. He wasn’t sure about Joel’s loyalties either. Fortunately he could rely on Elizabeth and Nick. Although it didn’t help that Nick was a compulsive flirt, despite Elizabeth ignoring the attention. Yes the game was fascinating, but he could see that it could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. He was going to have to do something about it. He just didn’t know what. I would describe Reality Threshold as a fantasy thriller for a young adult audience. It unlocks a world of possibilities, but it's anchored in reality and teenage angst.


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I wrote 663 days ago

Hi Emma, Wow! I curled up into this book like a blanket on a rainy day. Interesting plot, great characters (I really liked the Chimera) and really well written. I've backed it and rated it very highly. I also think it's very marketable and would appeal to both sexes. If I was the editorial committe... view book

I wrote 668 days ago

Thanks for this Emma - much appreciated. Your book looks interesting - I've added it to my watchlist fro a read this week, Regards Rob view book

I wrote 691 days ago

Chris. Hi Very nicely written book so far, and very true to the classic sword and sorcery fantasy that makes very immersive reading. Well done and let's have some more. It's on my bookshelf. Regards Rob view book

I wrote 702 days ago

Mel, Hi. I'm really hooked on the book. You keep the suspense going chapter after chapter. I like your style of writing including a knack of painting a picture with just the right choice of words. This extends into the dialog as well. Well done. I'm putting it on my bookshelf. regards Rob view book

I wrote 707 days ago

Jessica. Nice treatment. I really get the sense of life in the days of the vikings. Perhaps you could put a bit of work into setting the mood a bit more. For example, I would expect it to be cold most of the time in Norway, but didn't get that sense of shivering with the characters. I look forward... view book

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