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Been writing since I was in the tenth grade, and it has become clear to me that this is what I want to do with my life. Now about to be a sophomore in college, I have many words under my belt, but getting published is still an uphill struggle that I could have foreseen when I declared I'd be a writer when I was just a kid. It's a lot of work, and there's no magic button that can be clicked, only years of persistence and a little bit of luck will cause anything to yield. But I wouldn't go back and choose any other career.

favourite books

"Roadkill" by Rob Thurman
"Hounded" by Kevin Hearne
"Nekropolis" by Tim Waggoner
"Devil in the Details" by K.A. Stewart
"The Host" by Stephanie Meyer
"Unholy Ghosts" by Stacia Kane
and... "Viking Warrior" by Judson Roberts

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Better Off Dead

E. L. Berquist

Made vampire through violent attack, Jason’s ordeal isn’t over. His unintentional maker despises him, and the human brother he can’t let go is in danger.

When attacked by an immoral and sadistic vampire, Jason draws the vampire’s blood with a bite. He survives the encounter, but not as a human. Jason returns home, and seeks solace in his brother Nathan. The brothers find a woman who introduces Jason to the king—first informing them that Jason made a horrible mistake telling Nathan he’d become a vampire; that isn’t allowed. Something helps Jason stay alive in what follows. He has a rare gift, and can see moments in people’s lives. Jason’s fate is in the vampire king’s hands, and even if everything goes well, it will be difficult because he has decided to stay away from his brother until it is safe. As the king finds Jason and his ability intriguing, Jason is thrust into a world of vampire politics, where his unintentional maker vows to be the end of him, the vampire nobles are going to war, and Jason realizes the king’s true motive for letting him live. In the midst of this, the bigger issue becomes Nathan, who is still human and knows of things he shouldn’t. How does Jason protect and hold on to a brother, when he has left humanity behind?


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Hello Elle, ‘Mother Knows Best’ is a gentle myth of science, meaning....

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I wrote 939 days ago

I lost sympathy for the prolouge's narrator when I read that she put the demon's pendant around her baby's neck--the visuals I made of what the demon would do if it caught up to the baby were gruesome and off-putting. A mother would keep that object far from her helpless daughter. As I read on to th... view book

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