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I write psychological dramas and short stories.
Me-Time Tales:Tea breaks for mature women and curious men is a collection of ironic short stories, published in pb and e-book versions. LINK http://bit.ly/1ePueza
It has its own blog where the characters do the talking:
Me-Time Tales http://fictionalcharacterswriting.blogspot.com/

I also have a serious writing site.

I've been on this site some years, happy to promote novels in any genre that seem to me promising. I have read some really excellent ones.

My novel of boyhood rivalry set in WW2 is on this site, A Relative Invasion. In a former draft, it was runner up in the Yeovil novel prize 2011.

Another novel, Speechless, is on here. It's not yet at its half-way written mark.

In the past I've had a crime story long-listed in the FishKnife prize, and a lay-about's story in the BBC radio competition. A Relative Invasion,

My Email is jrminett@yahoo.com

favourite books

The Kite Runner
Fortune's Rocks
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Lake Woebegone Days
The short stories of Guy de Maupassant
Diary of a Nobody
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Paradise Lost
The Search

my websites

https://characterfulwriter.wordpress.com     http://fictionalcharacterswriting.blogspot.com

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my books

A Relative Invasion

Rosalind Minett

A coming of age novel set in the Home Front of WW2.

As the adults worry about the onset of war, Billy gets the play-mate he's longed for but in the form of manipulative cousin Kenneth. The four parents only see the porcelain looks of Kenneth and not his darker soul. Billy resorts to imagining he owns the precious Cossack sabre his father's friend owns. This icon sustains through the personal invasion of Kenneth and two evacuations. But after the war, adolescence and the sharing of emotional space bring the rivalry to a crisis. The outcome is devastating for both boys. Billy must find an honourable resolution which will enable his survival, while Kenneth ensures he will always have the last word.



Rosalind Minett

In a successful and happy family, eight-year-old Bryony suddenly stops speaking. Who/What is the cause? Searching outwardly and inwardly may tear the family apart.

Scratch the surface of any domestic hearth and odd things may emerge. Still in love and each secretly thrilled to have achieved success in their marriage, careers, parenthood, Russell and Katharine are totally taken aback when Bryony, their younger child, suddenly stops speaking. The school cannot understand why a usually pleasant, polite child is refusing to speak.Will the professionals solve the problem or might they make matters worse? Is there something to be discovered and whose opinion can be trusted? Can the happy set of relationships survive intense examination?


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tone099 wrote 1 hour ago

Hi Lara, Thank you for backing my debut suspense thriller, "Soft....

Fontaine wrote 15 hours ago

Thanks so much for backing Cloud. xF

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 2 days ago

Rosalind, It would be wonderful if you could review "The North Korea....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 7 days ago

Rosalind, Just to let you know that "The North Korean" is now on Ama....

Tom Ericson wrote 9 days ago

Thanks Lara. Tom

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I wrote 18 hours ago

A very exciting novel, although only the first section is uploaded here. I would lose the first part of the Prologue and start at *It was Time* - just giving the date beforehand. It was time is a telling opening line, so I would have it up front, especially as it may well sum up the theme of the nov... view book

I wrote 1 day ago

Thanks v much, Tom. Many have wanted me to ditch the foreword. But glad to say I HAVE now added the headlines for every chapter. Your ranking has helped my rating, many thanks again. view book

I wrote 6 days ago

I like the slow build up This, and lyrical tone suit the movement of the sea and life in St Ives. Good characterisation The drama builds slowly - some may balk at this, but not me. I've backed this book, well written and conceived. Rosalind Minett A RELATIVE INVASION view book

I wrote 13 days ago

A GOOD PREMISE and well worked out. Not much uploaded but I can see the potential for an explosive novel. It's in the realm of Kasuo Ishikuro, Never Let Me Go. Well worth backing even if the whole book is not yet finished. Rosalind Minett A RELATIVE INVASION view book

I wrote 13 days ago

I read this earlier, and now it's near the desk, another backing Something really different that deserves professional attention. Rosalind Minett A RELATIVE INVASION view book

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