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I live in Auckland and have been writing my trilogy of books since middle of 2007 and finished this book in Feb 2009. i can't seem to find a publisher in NZ that will back my book.
oh and i LOVE heavy metal music and rock.
I am NOT the best 'writer' at all, in fact grammar wise, i'm not the best. But i am a great story teller, i do it at parties and now i'm telling a great story in book form. If you wish to educate me in how to write correct English, go ahead, but it won't change anything. The People that read it (that don't care about that stuff) can still visualize what i am trying to get across. I appreciate any and all comments and backings i get and hope that someone will believe in my story one day.

I am writing five novels and have (in december 2011) sold my tv, ps3, most of my dvds, to pursue doing my books in all my spare time. Now being nearly april, i am now on the last book out of five. My 1st book has been edited properly since what i have uploaded, but due to the changes ive made (revealed later) i have had to edit things in my first book (which is now Episode III).

This is a Link to My Facebook Page dubbed : The Tales of the Arter Gems Series

you support my facebook page (or obviously this page) my many thanks are in order, from this humble westie.

Also, this digibook is available via 'Smashwords' right now at $1.99 USD. Please, follow the link below!!


favourite books

Lord of the Rings

my websites

http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Tales-Of-The-Art     https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/347178

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my books

The Tales of the Arter Gems : ....

Mario Walsh

Jump inside the head of Syra, an eighteen year old girl from West Auckland, New Zealand, who stumbles across a portal to another world...

Jump inside the head of Syra, an eighteen year old girl from West Auckland, New Zealand, who stumbles across a portal to another world. With her best friend Vetor, they meet a Time Guardian named Modnar. He guides them through the mystical land of Tharp, making sure they complete their destiny. Find out what happens in Episode III: The Chosen One, the first book (to be released) in the Tales Of The Arter Gem series... a ten book saga.


Tales Of the Arter Gems : The ....

Mario Walsh

a teenager named 'Syra' finds a gateway on earth to a mystical land filled with creatures, beautiful landscapes and intrigue.
Welcome to her Destiny

A young Teenager named Syra stumbles across a gateway to another world. With her friend, 'Vetor' they both decide to venture through the portal to the mystical and magical world of Tharp. The difficulties they face along the way matures them both as people and the responibilties that are bestowed upon them are grand enough in scale to make them legendary.


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A G Chaudhuri wrote 318 days ago

No buddy, I don't have my books on Smashwords. But I did create an ac....

A G Chaudhuri wrote 330 days ago

Thanks for your message, Mario. I'd love to check out the revised ver....

Adam Thurstman wrote 749 days ago

Hi Anjari I'd be very grateful if you could please take a quick lo....

TDonna wrote 754 days ago

If you are looking for a new book to back come July 1st, I’d be honor....

DenniTowle wrote 759 days ago

Please check out my new book please and let me know what you think. ....

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I wrote 343 days ago

This is an updated version of my original story in which I uploaded back in 2009. I have it available for FREE DOWNLOAD on smashwords! So happy and proud to have finally achieved this. Hard work and dedication can make you achieve anything. view book

I wrote 877 days ago

Cheers for all the comments. 2012 will be my year to publish this book, on my own. thank you for your ongoing support, everyone view book

I wrote 1079 days ago

I am halfway through thje second book which is entitled 'Tales of the Arter Gems: lol i ain't going to say yet but i'm up to page 88 and Syra and her companions are forced to split into two parties to cover more ground... i'm also (on my one hour train on the way to work) writing a prequel set t15 y... view book

I wrote 1178 days ago

i have to agree. as a writer, you are far more accomplished then i will ever be. i was only able to read about a chapter and a half and i was impressed. i hope it gets published one day. Pat yourself on the back, you've done well. Im backing your book for a while :-) view book

I wrote 1188 days ago

Hey this was an awesome read. i only usually read about 3 chapters as i live a busy life and atually dont get alot of time at the moment. but pat yourself on the back, its awesome view book

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