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My goal is simply to write enjoyable stories, to give my readers a smile, a chuckle, and a brief vacation from the hectic world around us. If reading my work brings anyone a bit of relaxation and cheer, even if only for a little while, then I am satisfied. Comments are welcome.

I do attempt to return reads, but please do not ask me to read horror or extreme violence.

favourite books

Authors: Tom Robbins, Patrick O'Brian, Janet Evanovich, Anita Loos, A.A. Milne, Jack Kerouac, M.C. Beaton, Agatha Christie, Garrison Keillor,T.S. Eliot, e e cummings, Dan Brown, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and many many more who have brought joy, satisfaction, excitement, and knowledge into my life.

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http://www.bookbrowser.moonfruit.com/     http://jedswords.wordpress.com/

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my books

Ben's World

Jed Oliver

Ben considers himself a renaissance man.
He likes to sit around and wonder.

After his plans to become a Hollywood sex symbol fall through, Ben decides to become a theoretical physicist, and specialize in quantum mechanics.

It's a good thing he's a fast learner, because he only has a couple of days before his vision.
Ben sometimes has visions. This time, he is convinced there is a completely undiscovered, unexplored part of New Jersey, where a herd of Brontosaurus dinosaurs exists, alive and well.

This is possible because of a "wormhole," a defect in the fabric of space and time. Ben is intent on finding the hole, and exploring the world of dinosaurs.

A super villain, known only as "The Boss" is attempting to learn Ben's secrets for his own nefarious uses.


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Tonia Marlowe wrote 26 days ago

Hi Jed Hope you are feeling OK - we really do miss you on FFF. You....

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Hi Jed Just dropping a note to say I hope you are okay. Missing you....

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Hi Jed. Want to exchange reviews?

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I wrote 128 days ago

Have read the first 6 chapters so far, and find this a charming and imaginative book. Best of luck, Jed Oliver (Ben's World) view book

I wrote 164 days ago

Truly exquisite writing. Truly exquisite. Backed view book

I wrote 166 days ago

Valentine, I have read it all, and must say you have reached into my heart and touched it. Some of my deepest fantasies lie expressed within your words. This is magnificent, beautiful writing. This is magical poetry. Best regards, jed Oliver view book

I wrote 219 days ago

This story is surely magical, as it has cast its spell on me. Wonderfully written, I love it. I happily back it!. Jed Oliver "Saving Bob" view book

I wrote 254 days ago

Magnificent! Jed Oliver (Saving Bob) view book

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