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Cydney Oliver

In Rodham, a man's voice is a weapon, a shield, a lover and a source of wonder; everything wished for and everything feared.

It is sick to consider even daring to profit from such times. That is what I have been dually raised to believe. I do not think so now, looking back through time and forward to the pile of gold at my feet. On the one hand, my father used to say, one should always take advantage of opportunity, whereas on the other, when she dared speak to me, my mother suggested advantage only came when one learnt to turn a blind eye to those moments. A drunk in a tavern said years later, that true man learnt to do both. So I did, and my profiteering became paramount to dragging me from the long hard years of misery I was subjected to in the nobility of my father’s keep, and the sodden earth works that bedded my namesake.


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love4044 wrote 821 days ago

Hi, I am Vera! please how are you! hope you are fine and in perfect ....

K A Smith wrote 833 days ago

Having your own book on your shelf won't help it - just saying. Sa....

KirkH wrote 833 days ago

Hi, I hope you can get a chance to read parts of my college caper cr....

DerekTobin wrote 833 days ago

Hi Gavel Welcome to the site and if you have any questions re how th....

iandsmith wrote 834 days ago

Hi, Gavel, My novel Tiger Hugs rose 600 places in December. Would you....

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I wrote 834 days ago

Hello Authonomy! Thanks for taking the time to give the exert a glance. Essentially, this is 8 chapters of a novella, with appendix for character comprehension and part of the prologue draft. The letter in the last part is to be the epilogue. What I'd like to get feedback on, asides grammar... view book

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