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I'm a writer on huge variety scale and have a whole range of original ideas to which I'm yet to turn into Novels or Films.

So far, I have created a vast array of Film and Television based Scripts and Screenplays, which are unfortunately too huge in expense to be accepted by any of the bigger known production companies.

So, I decided to take my time writing and perfecting one of my best story ideas, called 'Punch Through', into a Novel, which is now fully ready for Publishing.

My intention is to allow the production companies who've denied my scripts a chance to find this incredible story by themselves, and if they come knocking on my door asking to turn it into a big blockbuster Movie, then that will be a bonus.

favourite books

I'm a big fan of Dean Koontz, his books have the ability to hold you right on the edge of your seat throughout, all of his work is endlessly entertaining and wholesomely addictive.
Otherwise, I will read any books that catch my eye.
It's difficult trying to find time to read books by other writers when you're concentrating uopn your own different projects.

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‘Punch Through’ is an immensely exciting and highly explosive rollercoaster ride throughout.

Consider it as Time Travel on Epic Proportions.

Imagine thousands of invading German Warplanes from the 1940's jumping through time to attack the United Kingdom seventy five years later in modern times.

Hitler, who is joined by a scientist from the future, uses a worm hole device to Punch Through and continue WWII in our time.

Three British Pilots, who are accidentally caught in the jump, end up in the present. Forced to land in separate places, they struggle to blend in and try to reach their arranged meeting location, if it still exists. Picked up by the military, they assist with the gallant fight against the vast multitude of Nazis.

The excess presence of Germans leads inevitably to three impacting battles that occur at the same time, on the ground and in the air, producing the tenet of Chaos Theory known as The Butterfly Effect. The actions that take place will have complex reverberations that resound in a succession of echoes changing history for our own present time.


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I wrote 377 days ago

You have made the unique style of storytelling without the excessive amount of words, and it truly works perfectly. I'm a song writer, so I understand your concept very well and support your collection of excellent poetry. Great stuff! Jamie Tubbs. view book

I wrote 399 days ago

I fully agree with you about most people being ignorant on here - So I thought I'd show that one isn't by leaving this comment. When I'm not driving my bus, I will come back to give another. A return favour would be great! Jamie Tubbs. view book

I wrote 405 days ago

Thanks to Eric of Bures for your interest in Punch Through. May your book continue to bigger things. Jamie. view book

I wrote 405 days ago

Thank you Luisa for the brilliant comments - I'll make sure I will constantly help your book rise up too. Good luck with getting to the top! Jamie. view book

I wrote 420 days ago

Kat, I really appreciate your enthusiasm for my novel. Thanks for the positive feedback, it's always overly appreciated. Jamie. view book

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