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My day job is an airline pilot but have always loved the written word. Messed about with bits and pieces - short stories and poetry. A nerve of sorrow is my first attempt at full length novel and thank you to all who have commented and supported. It is a somewhat different read from a lot on this site but, I hope, will reward those who chose to read it. I have just added a new chapter (6) prompted by some of the many comments received and I hope this will enhance the story.

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Anything by William Trevor
Margret Attwood
Ian McEwan
Martin Amis

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(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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Complements of the day to you. I am Favour how are you, hope you a....

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I wrote 1632 days ago

A ripping yarn well told. Good luck shelved. view book

I wrote 1648 days ago

Ray this is such a great piece of work. Your descriptions are pure brilliance, completely evoking the period. The characters and dialogue are wonderfully done, genuine and alive. It reads so well, so easily. It is terrific and happily backed. William view book

I wrote 1649 days ago

Bob finallly managed a read of your book and again, my apologies for the delay. This is not my genre at all but it seems to tick all the boxes. The story intrigues, the characters engage and the action keeps the pages turning. It reads easily which will appeal to many and, of it genre, is a polished... view book

I wrote 1654 days ago

Certainly an unusual story well told. It keeps the page turning! Quite a lot of description which may benefit from a little trimming in places (probably just me) but overall an impressive work. happy to back. William view book

I wrote 1665 days ago

Keith this is certainly a gritty tale that pulls no punches. You have set the scene very well, the period and vernacular are acutely observed. At first I found the almost staccato prose a little difficult and the dialogue, although believable perhaps a tad overdone at times. But it does what it says... view book

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