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A Carpet Shop at Ephesus

Lucy Heath

Love, lies and ruins in Aegean Turkey.

As an unsure archaeology student in 1990, Turkey fascinated me. A mysterious goddess presided over the magnificent ancient site of Ephesus, where on holiday with a friend I met ‘crazy-boy’ carpet-seller Hasan.

I returned alone to midsummer chaos and tales of a girl killed by her former lover. Hasan didn’t always tell the truth but I didn’t either, and his unscrupulous salesmanship at the carpet shop both shocked and drew me. The ruins of the distant past began to seem as real as the present. Turkey offered an escape from difficulties back in England and I resisted Hasan’s attempts to influence what I did.

As tensions built I knew that I should leave, but when Hasan told me he had been called up into the army I needed to find out if it was true or not. The time had come to face up to reality about Hasan, the past and my own life.


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 8 days ago

Lucy, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its full ....

tone099 wrote 30 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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I wrote 356 days ago

Hi Elmo, I very much like your sparse, slightly wistful-sounding style, which has a beautiful sound and rhythm to it. The individual scenes in Wish You Were Here are each vivid, well paced and well drawn but it felt like there was a missing element which would tell me exactly why they had been... view book

I wrote 364 days ago

Hi Sebnem, You create a lovely sense of atmosphere with the natural description at the beginning of the prologue. When you say “In this part of the world” you might want to clarify where it is, or is this a reference to the fact that Leila has not always lived here? The dialogue that follows is ful... view book

I wrote 405 days ago

Hi Cherry, I’ve had this on my watchlist for ages – I’m a big fan of Greece and Greek myths and it’s great have such a well-known story told from a new perspective, a female one too. The first chapter seems to have been revised since I first saw it - it reads really beautifully now anyway. The only... view book

I wrote 406 days ago

Hi Tottie, I enjoyed this very much - a great title with lots of vivid sayings and phrases to keep things lively. If you wanted to, I think you could afford to add more detail at important points to vary the pace. Very well done. Lucy view book

I wrote 603 days ago

I really loved the slightly fractured, dislocated style of this memoir which is distinctive and seems appropriate to the story of someone both encountering a foreign country and describing personal challenges. I liked too the way it alternates between the present time in Maldives and the past. The u... view book

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