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I am a semi-retired businessman with over twenty-five years of professional experience at the Vice President and President levels in both private and public corporations.
The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning is my first novel.

I am actively seeking representation and/or a publisher.

I return all reads. The reason for this is simple. If someone has the internal fortitude to expose themselves to the public they deserve to get backed. I will then comment on work that I really like. I will only comment on what appeals to me for I do not have the background nor the education to dissect someone else’s work.

I am excited to be working with author and editor Genevieve Graham at She is efficient, personable and has both a gift and a passion for editing. Ms Graham's own novel, Under the Same Sky will be published by Penguin in January 2012. Having already seen proof of her skill, I anticipate a terrific final product. She will then help me on my quest to find a literary agent."

My professional and highly creative new book cover, which I absolutely love, was designed by Joe Mercer. He offers his unique talents, for free, to anyone on this site. You can find him as stylesmcfresh and his book, which I highly recommend, is Blackwater.

favourite books

I'm a big fan of Trevanian, especially Shabumi, and Janet Evanovich and her series of books about Stephanie Plum.

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The Reluctant Warrior: The Beg....

Andrew L. Burans

The book centres around a successful businessman who has been sucked into the world of international espionage, political intrigue and his fight for survival.

The main character is a man who leads a double life. Publicly, he is a successful and charismatic Beverly Hills businessman and his other world is that of an agent for a highly secretive U.S government agency. The story starts in the present day when an assassination team is sent to take him out and then utter mayhem ensues.

The primary thrust of the novel goes back 30 years to the beginning – to when he was coerced into his double life. The story explores his growth, fears, personality changes and the learning of skills as he is forced to adapt to his new life in order to survive. The hero is pitted against corrupt businessmen and Russian and Chinese agents. As he grows the body count mounts. He is sophisticated, has a number of personality faults and uses his brain power as much as his learned physical skills to stay one step ahead.

The book is international in scope and takes the reader to L.A., Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Zurich. The novel is character rich, has a number of sub-plots with numerous twists and turns leading to an exciting and unpredictable finish.


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I wrote 1228 days ago

As a period piece your novel captures well the essence of the historical timeframe. Your story is beautifully written and well paced. I especially like your choice to use the first person narrative voice as this allows you to fully explore and convey Mary's thoughts and emmotions. Your book is a ... view book

I wrote 1251 days ago

I really like how you start your book with dialogue, it is well written and realistic, which propels the reader into the story immediately and keeps the pace flowing well. You have created a most memorable main character in Ghenni and all of this does ensure that your work will appeal to to the You... view book

I wrote 1251 days ago

Your fantasy is well written and descriptive and you have created an excellent main character in Ben. Your use of imagery is excellent and the pace of your story flows well. I do like what I have read. I have given you a high star rating. Cheers, Andrew Burans The Reluctant Warrior: The Begi... view book

I wrote 1252 days ago

Your descriptive and imaginative writing and well written dialogue should ensure that your fantasy appeals to the young adult audience, I like your character development of Elgiva and the pace of your story flows nicely. What you have decided to post so far is well done. I have given you a high ... view book

I wrote 1252 days ago

You have a wonderful, smooth flowing and descriptive writing style which I do like. You have developed a memorable main character in Sharah and I also like how you use the first person narrative voice with her. Both the dialogue and use of imagery is excellent. I have given you a high star rating... view book

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