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I've had a little success writing scripts, but I'm fairly new to novels. So I'm here to get feedback. All comments welcome.

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Mick Sands

An actor with Multiple Personality Disorder battles for his sanity when he wins the role of a wrathful Quaker and falls for the makeup girl

Rupert is a 37 year-old actor with Multiple Personality Disorder. There are three of him: a colourfully angry and sometimes violent persona who hijacks his existence when he’s over-provoked; a lascivious persona who takes control when he becomes sexually aroused; and a parental personality who tries desperately to smooth things over the rest of the time. This ‘normal’ Rupert is intelligent, articulate, neurotic and obsessive, and has a quirky view of the world.

A film director invites Rupert to screen test for the lead in ‘Epic Rage’, a Brit-flick about a 17th Century Quaker with a volcanic temper. Shortly before the casting session, Rupert is provoked. His angry persona takes control and delivers a portrayal of rage that the director finds so authentic and powerful he promptly signs him for the role.

For any other actor, this would be the chance of a lifetime, but for Rupert it promises to be a nightmare, even with the help of a psychotherapist, and that’s before he falls in love with the makeup girl.


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 365 days ago

Mick, You might want to click on www.scribd.com/dloganw whereby Davi....

Eponymous Rox wrote 669 days ago

Hey my friend, I’m absolutely sure you commented on and/or backed the....

leelah wrote 677 days ago

Hi Mick please check out this thread - I think it is the funniest ....

revteapot wrote 691 days ago

Hi, I'm humbly writing at Maeve's command, because she thinks you mi....

Maevesleibhin wrote 691 days ago

This has been a really incredible experience. I have met some really ....

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I wrote 893 days ago

Hi Todd, I enjoyed your first chapter - very light and yet very profound, just like all those other contradictions! I'll be back to read more later. Best, Mick view book

I wrote 914 days ago

Great first chapter. It pulled me right in. My only comment is that I can't imagine a big, rough bloke like Steiger saying 'peeing'. Surely it would be 'pissing'? Looking forward to reading more. Best, Mick view book

I wrote 919 days ago

Hi Greg, I've read four chapters now and I like it very much. The only thing I would say is that, following that brilliant opening scene, I found the different ways of committing suicide a bit abstract. I would have preferred it if they had been kept within the narrative, because by then I was fo... view book

I wrote 953 days ago

I read the first chapter and liked it. Very evocative. I'm interested to know what happens next. One small comment: the word 'breath' was a bit over-used in the first few paras. -M view book

I wrote 953 days ago

I've read the first two chapters so far and enjoyed them. I'm interested to read more.. A couple of little things threw me: the tenses seemed confused in the first few paras, and it would be better for me if you were consistent in calling him by either his first or his last name. It had been Maladie... view book

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