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I'm just a guy who spent his childhood daydreaming and never really stopped.

I work the night shift at a machine shop. I'm blessed to live in Vermont, one of the world's beautiful places, with my wife and two daughters. I returned to school as an adult and earned a bachelor's degree in English/writing in 1996.

Eudora Welty once wrote, "Without the act of human understanding--and it is a double act through which we make sense to each other--experience is the worse kind of emptiness."

favourite books

To The Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf
Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury
Cannery Row, John Steinbeck
Moby Dick, Herman Melville
Lord Of The Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien
David Copperfield, Charles Dickens

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ReconPilot wrote 4 days ago

I'm also ReconPilot on Call to Duty (Ghosts). I'm not great...my K/D ....

tgreen wrote 70 days ago

Hi Steve I liked your reply to the thread-- it is a tough one but ....

Spilota wrote 73 days ago

* waving * Hi Steve! Hey, is that *snow* behind you? Spi xxx

Freddie Omm wrote 81 days ago

haha yes i see it doesnt like para breaks, steve the dodo! cheers ....

Freddie Omm wrote 83 days ago

hey steve the dodo (remember him?) hath returned into the forum!

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I wrote 125 days ago

If it's true you wrote this in four hours, I can only say "wow, just think what Adam could do in 6 hours!" In all seriousness, you have a real talent for writing humor. You could make money doing this! view book

I wrote 280 days ago

Marrisa, A space has opened up on my bookshelf, so I am putting your book back on my shelf. You have a talent for hooking a reader, and your prose is excellent and beautiful to read. I enjoy the details, such as how the grandmother's house smells of lavender. Best of luck, and I hope my backing push... view book

I wrote 416 days ago

I remember backing this book long ago under the old system, and am putting it on my shelf once more. Superior prose, charming characters, great title. view book

I wrote 568 days ago

Entirely fascinating. Your choice to use the story of the brother being taken away was a good choice for the prologue, as it immediately pulls the reader into the story. We want to know what becomes of Pietro. A little rough in spots. Paragraph 5 of Train to Hell, you write "Finally the train wa... view book

I wrote 597 days ago

I have only read you're first chapter, but would like to offer my thoughts. I think there are some strong points, and a few weak ones. First I would like to say, taken as a whole, the chapter works very well as a beginning chapter. I see that this is one in a series of books, but not having seen the... view book

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