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about me

Aspiring writer.
Former marketing professional.
Doting father.

I don't log in everyday, but drop in every few weeks to see what's new. Thanks to the unwavering support of my friends and fellow members on here, my debut novel SHINING DAWN made #1 on the Editor's Desk in February 2012. It gives me great pleasure in saying that the book has now been published by Jufic Books (www.leadstartcorp.com) and is available on Amazon.com and a host of other sites. Here's the link:


HALLOWED ROCK, a loose sequel to Shining Dawn, is a stand-alone story of mystery and horror set in a post-apocalyptic Earth. It is a work in progress. Please feel free to support it in whichever way you deem worthy. I'll be more than happy to return the read.


favourite books

Published ones, too many.
But, here's my AUTHONOMY WALL OF FAME instead. Please read these great books and also the ones on my shelf, and feel free to support them generously. :-)

(In no particular order)

Stop the Insanity - David Welch
Touched - Simon Cairnes
See-Saw - Dave Hill
The World is Not a Cold Dead place - Nathan O'Hagan
Onset - E L Russel
Their Spirits, My Demons - John Ormond
Bot - Eponymous Rox
The Eighth Day - Graham Lench
Moral Power - Mary E. Caruana
Mute - Brian Bandell
Printed Words on Empty Pages - Charles Bruno
Bard's Tale - Owen Dorr
Supreme Order - Danielle Hayes
The Lamia - Jim Heter
Ten Minus Ten - Jake Tyrson
They - Rick Carter Squire
Through Green's Eyes - Green H
Rage of Whispers - Joserie A Fabroa
Compass: Journey of the Soul - Penelope V. Yorke
The Kingdom Within - Luke Bramley
The Noodle Trail - Eileen Kardos
The Legend of Dunmurry - Ciaran Fenlon
Mother Knows Best - Peter T. Allen
To Set a Mouse Running - Robert Lawrence
Tangleshock - Steve Games
Bad Men and Bad Odds - Roy Earle
Trapped - Fran Macilvey
Alice - Elizabeth Raine
Reset, Finding God... - Michael York
Tonder - MT Scarlett
Just when I needed to laugh - Sandy Simmonds
Arcane - Carl E Wilde

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my books

Hallowed Rock

A. G. Chaudhuri

Sci-fi mystery based in a post-apocalyptic alternate reality.
In a world built on lies, the truth can be stranger than faith.

Sixty years after the cataclysmic events of the ‘Purge’, survivors have found refuge on the last remaining stable landmass on Earth. Under the aegis of the Revivalist Church, life in Sacred Haven is simple and unsullied, devoted to the worship of the Divine Mother.

But, as people strive to restore civilisation, they are faced with an unknown sinister force that threatens to devour their regimented theocratic community. Their fate rests in the unlikely hands of two men; one, a believer and conformist, the other, a rebel and sworn agnostic; one, on a mission to save all that he holds dear and the other, in search of vengeance. Together, they embark on a journey that will shake the very foundations of the new world order and take them deep into the heart of a dark and heinous truth.

On the Hallowed Rock, a secluded island feared and revered as the earthly abode of the Divine Mother, they will learn the true nature and purpose of the mysterious entity that plagues their world.

[WIP. The text contains expletives and situations that depict violence and subtle mature content. Reader discretion is advised.]


Shining Dawn

A. G. Chaudhuri

An amnesiac physicist. A clandestine experiment. A self-proclaimed saviour. And a gifted child. Together, they hold the answer to a mystery older than time.

The world is on its last legs. Civilisation has reached the pinnacle of progress but its foundations have been corroded by a race steeped in arrogance, greed and corruption. Amidst threats of global ecological catastrophes and warfare over the planet’s limited resources, mankind marches towards an unknown end.

As the world reels on the brink of chaos, disgraced physicist Zach Walker strives to rebuild his life from scratch and uncover his forgotten past. A condition called Lacunar Amnesia has robbed him of the memories of the last five years of his life. Having served jail-term for a crime he cannot recall, he lives in agony, taking each day as it comes. But unknown to him, there are powerful forces at work against him.

A mysterious rendezvous quickly turns into a fierce battle for survival as Zach finds himself hunted by corrupt lawmen and a savage animalistic killer. Led by clues left by his deceased friend and mentor Dr Avinash Arya and aided by a shadowy organisation, he soon realises that his obscure past may be inextricably linked to the fate of the entire planet, and that his lost memories may also hold the key to a bizarre and terrifying secret...


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