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My name is Clifford P Wollum from Iron Mountain, Michigan. I am currently 64 years of age, single, and renting a second floor apartment that I call 'The Cliff Chamber2.'
I'm active in schooling, reading, writing, and surfing the Internet. I follow all sports as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf, NASCAR, and I love Texas Hold'em Poker.

I'm kept busy today with the writing of novels and short stories that depicts my life experiences. Tell me a great American author who did not do this?

In 1998 I became interested in American Literature. I got my hands onto The Harper American Literature second compact edition of 2,857 pages on slim line paper. I began to read and research along with the local County Library all the works of our great American authors. This was completed in six years. Today I am still reading more works, expanding to overseas and the likes of English, French, German, and Russian writers. This has become and will continue to be my love of life until my days count down to the end.

Clifford P. Wollum
Thecliff Chamber

favourite books

Martin Eden, As I Lay Dying, The Old Man and the Sea, The Great Gatsby, The Grapes of Wrath, An American Tragedy, Moby Dick, The Road, Beloved, Middlemarch, Vanishing Acts, The Weatherman, A Man in Full, Madame Bovary.

my websites

http://thecliffchamber.com     http://alcoholicreprieve.org

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my books


Thecliff Chamber

Can a recovering alcoholic remain sober while people surrounding him are dying?

Paul Haegar a recovering acoholic watches as friends around him die with struggling to remain sober as he continues in a fight to remain sober and find a soul mate to spend the remaining days here in this life.



Thecliff Chamber

Will one die before their time of addictions that plague the world society?

Living in denial with the disease of alcoholism, Carrie (Woodson) Haegar struggles to stay alive as people close to her watch a young woman destroy her life in a matter of seven years. A husband finds a program of recovery that works on his alcoholic brain; can he save his wife from total destruction? Death by denial follows the life of Carrie and Paul Haegar in their young adult years. Dedicated to Whitney Houston who's love, magical voice, beauty, and talent inspired people around the world and to my own recovery.



Thecliff Chamber

An active alcoholic experiences the ups and downs of living a life with a care free mind.

Paul Haegar lost a young wife to cirrhosis and now becomes determined to find a replacement. He experiences the many ups and downs of living as an active alcoholic and his care free mind guides him to near total destruction. Will Paul find a recovery? Or, will he succumb to the disease as his late wife did?


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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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I wrote 11 days ago

Good luck Joe on your rise up. The one thing I would do on another draft would be shorten the opening paragraph. Your voice is similiar to how I write and plans if possible to read more. view book

I wrote 36 days ago

Great job Clive. Plans are to read more of this work. view book

I wrote 161 days ago

Impressive, enjoyed reading part 1 as this book finds a place on my shelf. Hopefully to read more at a later time. view book

I wrote 219 days ago

Great work Clive. What an exposure people receive with authonomy, not to say the Internet overall. Great to have your acquainance with this work of fiction that's truly delightful and a great title. view book

I wrote 219 days ago

Great work Maeve a gift you were born with and the best of luck in future endeavors. view book

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