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I've been reading and writing as long as I can remember. I just found this site and have put up one of my Works in Progress. I'm not good with titles, so I did the best I could with Wanted.

I write all the time, but don't really share my writing. Hopefully, I'm not the only one who enjoys reading it. :) I don't mind any advice or comments that can help me get better.

Thanks for taking the time to read my words, and I will return the favor.

favourite books

I love so many... My favorites are mostly paranormals, Elizabethan historicals, and some YA series. All-time faves include: Laurell K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Lara Adrian, J.R. Ward, Melissa de la Cruz, Rachel Caine, Richelle Mead, Kate Brian, and so many more

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Mandy Pyfferoen

When you're a powerful witch, every vamp wants to bite you.

Ashlinn is a more powerful witch than she realizes. Unfortunately, the vamps have noticed, including the hottest vamp at school, Conor. She finds herself forced to become a vampire's familiar, something she swore she'd never let happen. Vamps start lining up to be the one to bite her, including Conor, and her best friend, Matt.

Will Ashlinn choose best friend, Matt or dream guy, Conor to be the one to claim her?


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Philthy wrote 832 days ago

Hi Mandy, I was drawn to your pitch and wondered if you'd care for ....

ndayery wrote 895 days ago

( My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

KirkH wrote 908 days ago

Hi, I hope you can get a chance to read parts of my college caper cr....

Eponymous Rox wrote 991 days ago

Hullo there. I'm still a reader on Authonomy scouting for new authors....

j.l. wood-miller wrote 1068 days ago

Hello Ms. Pyfferoen: My online excerpt from “An Unfinished Innocen....

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I wrote 1176 days ago

I just started reading, and am only through Chapter 2, but I really like this. Your writing style is easy to read and pulled me right into the story. Very well done. I had a whole post on nit-picky corrections I'd found, and lost the post... so, if you want those, just let me know and I can go ba... view book

I wrote 1458 days ago

Thank you, everyone! I will try to get around to reading as much as I can! view book

I wrote 1459 days ago

Thanks for the "nit" :) I will look for it and fix so it sounds better. :) I'm constantly revising, but still miss a lot! :) view book

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