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A big thank you to everyone who helped and supported my book. Without the advice I received from other writers on this site, it would never have made the Editor's Desk.
I will continue to read, comment and back books on the site but will not respond to spam.
If I owe your book a read, please message to remind me.

favourite books

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.
Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
The Dirt by Motley Crue.
The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

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Toads, Tarts and Taxis

Bea Sinclair

She's in the wrong place with the wrong dress and the wrong man. Could it be time to call a taxi?

“Did you just call it a minor indiscretion?” Holly couldn’t believe her companion's audacity. “He was screwing her brains out on the staff room table. I butter my toast on that bloody table.”

When Holly’s life takes an unexpected turn, she finds herself embroiled in a six-way love muddle with five mismatched, unlikely and unsuspecting individuals. In a cruel and often crudely humorous tale, we follow our heroes and heroines in their search for true love.

Thanks to Spilota for help with editing.
Cover by Lingbob and the Doctor


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 2 days ago

Bea, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its full l....

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Ta, friend. Sorry if this response is belated - I was away, in the j....

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Bea, Thank for your kind words and encouragement. Have published The....

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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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I wrote 37 days ago

I read 5 chapters; I like both pitches, they are succinct and give a flavour of the story to to come. The characters are well drawn and distinct. I particularly like Maggie as an MC. she is believable. Her lack of punctuality makes her human and sympathetic. Jack is gorgeous and I hope Maggie's st... view book

I wrote 89 days ago

R2G review. I have read 5 of these short stories and enjoyed all of them. The writing is of a high standard, the characters are incredibly well drawn without being overly described. The style and the humour remind me of the 90s TV sketch show 'Alas Smith & Jones', funny without being slapstick or c... view book

I wrote 89 days ago

RCG review I have read to the end of Chapter 5 Both pitches are succinct, which I like and give the reader a hint of the story. The characters are well drawn, I like both Katie and Amelia, but I was a little confused by the mention of Collett (the MC's sister) and Evie, in the opening section. Al... view book

I wrote 89 days ago

I have read 4 of the uploaded chapters and I find the writing style engaging. I am unsure at present as to the precise theme of the story, but am expecting a 'Damascus ' moment at some point. First person perspective is difficult to write IMO, but works very well here. The MC is dry and witty, with... view book

I wrote 141 days ago

RCG review. I read 3 chapters I like the the short pitch but the long pitch gives away rather more of the story than is ideal. The two couples who make up the main characters in the story are obviously mismatched from page one. Brian and Jill are both 'punching above their weight' and are so self... view book

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