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I am an independent, free-thinking, fun-loving, little dogs better stay on their porch, type woman. I am currently working on my first novel. I have made many attempts over the years but never had the time to devote to it. Then I retired and now I'm 'all in'.

(NOTE TO MY READERS: On June 1st, I made BOOTY CALL private in order to work on my final-final edit. I thank all who offered their input in the form of helpful critique because it has made all the difference in the world. I knew nothing of pesky adverbs, had's and that's, or wobbly tense issues before I got here. I sincerely thank those who took the time to explain the difference between just putting words on paper and writing a good story. I hope to re-post the first and completely edited 15 chapters soon. The final version will be titled THE LAST BOOTY CALL. To all those who backed me without reading...who left glowing praise in hopes that I would back their's in return without regard for the road to literary respect and success ...well, now you know I don't roll that way.)

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I rarely meet a book I don't like. From historical novels to whodunits to screenplays to romance. Nothing like cracking a good and lengthy new read.

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I wrote 1400 days ago

Hi C.W.! I have just read your Prologue and Chapter One, then skipped to Chapter 8. Your pitch promises an exciting character-driven mystery and you are well on your way toward that goal. You definitely have the writing chops to pull this complex story off. I have made a few comments, per chapter, b... view book

I wrote 1403 days ago

Hi Mary! I have just finished reading Chapter 1 and then skipped to Chapter 30 of your book. Your pitch promises an unexpected mystery which includes a backstory regarding the difficulties in relationships. You are certainly talented enough to pull it off. The best quality of your writing lies in th... view book

I wrote 1405 days ago

Hi Huseyin, I have just read the first two chapters of your book and I will be backing it when I finish my comments. You are well on your way to an exciting story with lots of scary twists and turns, not to mention many less than adorable characters (a good thing!). Add emotion at every turn, includ... view book

I wrote 1421 days ago

Hello Dawn! I have just read the first chapter of your book. Your pitch promises a compelling animal adventure and you are well on your way toward that goal. I do think you have some editing ahead of you as it seems you suffer from the same disease that I do…overwriting. However, its obvious that yo... view book

I wrote 1423 days ago

Hi Abigail! I have just read most of your first chapter and will be backing this when I finish these comments. You are a very talented writer and have done a good job with this creative story. I became entranced from the beginning. The action begins immediately and your descriptive references are ex... view book

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