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I'm interested in weaponry, martial arts, historical warfare and rugby. Currently studding Classics, English Lit and Sociology at 6th form. Loved fantasy from an early age and despite being dyslexic I would love to have a published novel. I spend most of my free time either on my computer, writing or training, along with the martial arts y I study I have taught myself wushu (chain whip and such) and a few knife fighting techniques, almost all the fighting moves in my book have been tried by me and my test dummies (sorry friends...)

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The Lord of the Ring trilogy, the Silmarilion, the Night Angel trilogy and various books by Conn Iggulden. Also the Song of Ice and Fire series.

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http://thedancingsouloffire.deviantart.com/     http://www.facebook.com/TheDancingSoulOfFire

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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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Hello. How are you? I would appreciate to switch comments and feedbac....

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Hello, my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest i....

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benjacoto: I am still very much hoping for a return read. Best Wish....

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I wrote 488 days ago

CWOG review Nice imagery in the opening. Was ‘Grammy’ supposed to mean ‘Granny’? Ah, no its repeated; my bad! :L There is a lovely setting a feeling running through the whole first chapter, and I love the talking to the reader thing going on in the last few paragraphs. The description of creepi... view book

I wrote 488 days ago

Okay, so you wanted a bit of advice regarding the equipment and tactics of that era, I’ll start with equipment of the Huscarl (housecarl) as they are the first warriors we meet in your book. Armour; The most common armour of the period was the mail shirt, called a byrine. This mail shirt would ... view book

I wrote 490 days ago

Okay so I like the era and the war torn environment, however the layout of the whole thing is slightly off-putting (sorry!) but I’m pretty sure you could change that if you wanted to. I like the opening sentence/paragraph thing (it is a really confusing layout) and the imagery of fire is a powerful ... view book

I wrote 500 days ago

CWOG review Love the interesting and fast paced beginning-good way of grabbing any reader’s attention, the sudden switch makes sure we get enough of the character and don’t become numb to the action. The hint of Nate’s pain at both his past and his love for Kay makes me instantly empathetic of hi... view book

I wrote 546 days ago

Chapter One Review Good start, interesting but not over the top. Love the ‘mad artist’ comment. The context is interestingly hard to determine, evidently a while ago (with the reference to an arranged marriage and the inclusion of wolves) but impossible to tell exactly when, which I like! Love the ... view book

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