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Global gypsy and jack of many trades.

The original All Over The Map was re-badged as Wedding Chronicles and is now edited. Manuscript is complete at 127k words, but now only the first few preview chapters are now posted here.

The complete final version is commercially available as an ebook on Amazon, Apple, Nook, and Kobo as from September 2013. Soft cover paperback to follow shortly.

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Haven't read a book since '97 or owned a TV since '93, adhering to the "keep the crack away from a crack addict" philosophy re both.

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http://www.bobnboguslavski.com     http://twitter.com/bogusbobby

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Wedding Chronicles

Bob N. Boguslavski

Bobby Bo attends weddings—big, small, near, far, formal, casual. No wedding crasher, his global exploits and encounters intertwine world events with a music playlist.

Life’s a wedding for Bobby Bo, having traveled to nearly 100, from Tenerife to Singapore, Chile to Iceland. He’s been best man, groomsman, “father” of the bride, and bridesmaid—but always the single guy, whether with a girlfriend, flying solo, breaking up, meeting a new flame, or witnessing an ex take her vows.

An interracial cast of personalities from all rungs on the socioeconomic ladder entangles him in a kaleidoscope of conversations and adventures that unveil the wounds and wonders of the places, cultures, and religions encountered. Quirky, elegant, and quickly moving dialogue roams from agribusiness to colonialism, war to world trade, yielding insightful views to the state of world affairs. Punctuated with the odd sexcapade, each chapter features a music playlist that sets the mood and may provide clues as to what’s really going on.

Fueled by his and others’ experiences, Bobby Bo humorously offers the odd wedding “how-to” while receiving advice on marriage and relationships, and all the while pressured to join “the club.” This first in a trilogy is a rollercoaster romp through 13 weddings, spanning two decades.

Will it ever end? He seems in no rush to be a groom yet.


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Dear Bob, As a valued supporter of Doghouse Blues, you may be plea....

DJ-Gargoyle Chronicles wrote 192 days ago

Yeah, Im a bit the same with books on my shelf, but I like to keep a ....

DJ-Gargoyle Chronicles wrote 194 days ago

Thanks for backing The Gargoyle Chronicles Bob, muchly appreciated. ....

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Hey Bo, mucho fanks for backing Doodlebug. Ta...

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Hi, I have just finished yet another edit on my novel, Hearts and ....

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I wrote 449 days ago

Quirky and different, but I liked it overall, and especially the British setting and humour. Well put together overall, and it flowed along nicely for me, but I can also see how it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. Good luck with your climb to the desk, and you have my supprt and backing. I loo... view book

I wrote 487 days ago

Very well written and put together. Quality work wihtout a doubt and an engaging story from the start. You should do well with it. Keep at it. I see a few people have pointed out the thing here and there that do with correctiong or improving, but that is easily cleaned up later, or with an editor. view book

I wrote 493 days ago

Reading a work like this, one just knows the author has lived it. To the point, honest, and a good sobering read. One needs to be in the right frame of mind for this, but it is well put together overall. I see some have some points here and there about style and wording. They are valid points, but t... view book

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