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James Bone

London-based crime fiction. The first Inspector Carlyle novel. 100,00 words complete.

“Are you sure Inspector?”
“Well …” Carlyle looked down at his shoes, trying not to smile. Are you sure? He’d been asked that question a million times before. He was a policeman for fuck’s sake. Of course he was sure.

Someone has started killing off elite members of London society. In the killer’s sights is the man aiming to be the country’s next Prime Minister, not to mention the Mayor of London. Inspector John Carlyle of London’s Metropolitan Police knows why, but not who. Can he stop the killer before others take it in to their own hands?
When Carlyle is handed a note telling him of a body in a nearby London hotel room he thinks it’s a joke. On discovering otherwise, he begins a journey through the murky world of the British upper classes, leading all the way to the heart of the political establishment.
This is the first Inspector Carlyle novel. It takes place in a world where right and wrong don’t exist. And, for a cynical policeman, chances to ‘do the right thing’ are few and far apart.


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