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Thanks for reading. Yes, I'm aware of heavyiness in backstory, so may revise when more comments received. Will test market as an eBook then see what happens. Skimmed your first chapters - will come back after mid October as I have to read the 6 shortlisted Man Booker novels as a reader for the UK Library Service. From what I read it certainly pepped me up! I suspect deeper undercurrents will swirl on a second reading. The only thing is - it seems a little short for the traditional publishing route - I believe an ideal length of between 90,000 and 130,000 words is required for a newbie.


First chapter starts and ends with drama. But then there's quite a lot of back story in the middle, and you nearly lost me.

The second chapter though moves quickly, with tension constantly building.

Happy to give this a spin on the shelf.

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