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Declan provides free guides for formatting Kindle eBooks, also Create Space POD on his web site listed below.

For those who chose not to, or can't get their head around formatting, Declan provides a formatting service to include conversion to ePub, .Mobi and PDF files. For a quote either leave a message, or email me at the address below.


Not got Kindle? Did you know it is free to download a version to your computer?

Why not download now, you can then download a sample of Lunch Break Thrillers for free. Look at the formatting and if you like it, email me or send me a message if you have any questions about formatting. Who knows you may even want to buy it. Lunch Break Thrillers, now available on Amazon .com Kindle. For the American Edition


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Declan Conner lives in Brazil, where he teaches business studies in English.

He has the good fortune of a beautiful wife, but with the misfortune to share the foot of his bed with a jealous stepson in the guise of a poodle.

His short story, The End, or a New Dawn, reached the finals of a short story competition. Harper Collins editors and authors judged the stories.

Survival Instinct, under its original working title, achieved a gold star on the author site, Authonomy.com.

Declan is currently continuing to write short stories and he has published a full length crime thriller, Missing: The Body of Evidence.

email. declanconner@hotmail.com


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New Dawn

Declan Conner

Shaw needs to overcome his own demons if he is going to rescue his daughter from the powerful forces that take her hostage.

When five women are reported to LAPD as missing, the same day in 2008, all eighteen years old and within a mile radius , they could all be partying. When two more clusters in California are identified, taking the toll to nineteen; homicide detective Brett Shaw knows it going to be no party for him. With the details fed into the national computer, a pattern emerges in every state throughout the US and Homeland Security put a gag on media reports.

Six years later, the mystery unsolved, Shaw will never forget that day or the events that took place. It was also the day he handed in his badge to look after his daughter, Amy. As the Sheriff of a small town, Shaw isn’t given the time to dwell on the past, when he is called to the scene of the town’s first murder. Clues lead to him back to the case of the missing girls that he never had chance to investigate.

As he comes closer to the truth, his daughter is targeted, her life in danger by powerful forces, their existence buried just as the reports of the missing girls.


Deadly Journey

Declan Conner

Someone wants Rawlings dead. A Cartel needs him alive for now, but in chains. Rawlings? He wants to deny them both. Someone will lose.

D.E.A. Agent Kurt Rawlings has never given more than a cursory thought to what life is like for those criminals he has sent to prison. Even less so if every minute of the day those incarcerated face the fear of death at the hands of others. He wishes he had thought about it, because now he is living it himself.

Assailants, who hold a contract on his life, take Rawlings from the streets of El Paso. When a Mexican cartel buyout the contract, he is transferred across the border. It becomes apparent that this is not a simple kidnap and ransom.

He is running out of time if he is to return to his family alive. It will be no easy task. Whoever wants him dead has a long reach and Rawlings captivity isn't going to stop them. It is going to take all his ingenuity to figure out a plan of escape, but his enemies are on a killing spree—and he's next in the firing line.


Russian Brides. (Survival Inst....

Declan Conner

Jamie Jameson unknowingly has the exact attributes that his enemies are looking for and they don’t mind if he dies discovering what they are.

Recovering from being a fugitive after he was wrongly accused murder, Jamie had brought the real culprits to justice. In doing so, the entire command of the local MS-13 gang were killed and now the new leader wants him dead.

When the task force invasion plans to re-enter Afghanistan go missing, the CIA need to recover them before revelation of the plans create havoc on the battlefield. They need a patsy to recover the information, but not just any patsy. It has to be Jamie Jameson. Links between MS-13, the Russian mafia and the Taliban have become entwined, threatening national security and the connection needs to be broken.

His friend Bill - to whom Jamie owes him for saving his daughters life - goes missing in Russia, searching for a Russian Bride. Jamie goes looking for him and is drawn into a web of deceit, played like a puppet by friends and foes alike. To survive death at the hands of his unseen enemies, he is going to have to take the fight to them, but then his enemies know that.

Russian Brides is the second in the Survival Instinct series.


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Andreea Daia wrote 5 hours ago

Hi Declan-- As promised, my comments are in. You do an excellent j....

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Hi Declan– Would you be interested in a swap read? I write science....

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I wrote 14 days ago

You know what you are doing. I get the culture shock as an ex pat. view book

I wrote 21 days ago

Chapter one. (Scene 1) I am assuming the scenes are short sharp chapters which add to the pace. General thoughts as reading. Disjointed at times. (Not all your fault)I kept thinking one thing only for my doubts in the story to be answered later on, or that I had missed something. Other than that... view book

I wrote 47 days ago

This is an interesting story, but I stopped at his cold feet on the floor. Sorry about it seeming picky, but if you can sort out what follows and send me a message, I'll read on. I just couldn't get the picture. Is it the skin of the bubble that was cold to the touch of his feet? Or were they st... view book

I wrote 48 days ago

I don’t read or write historical, so I can only view this from a readers enjoyment scale. The title is in itself “intriguing”, given that the King and gentry of the day, I assume, would all be fiercely Christian. So I would stick with the title. Chapter 1 I enjoyed the first chapter for th... view book

I wrote 66 days ago

I’ve tried to concentrate on the story and voice, which I found interesting, rather than pick up on editing issues. I would never consider writing or reading 2nd or 1st person present tense. I am surprised it works. Well done. With regards to the voice, you are using contractions, which is g... view book

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