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As of right now, I am a 27 year old writer living in the dark wilderness of Metropolitan Tampa, Florida. My genre of choice is fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure (and sometimes drama if the mood strikes me). My current projects are numerous and I hope to get one of my first works edited and posted on here as soon as possible. I also do textile crafts for sale (that is costumes and little accessories) and I write and perform music (I post that on Jamendo). Religion is quite a large part of my life and I feel that writing a book where my beliefs are not at least alluded to, would be a travesty against everything that makes me who I am.

In addition to that, I sometimes can be found at the local Pirate Festival or the Bay Area Renaissance Festival.

Quote to remember: "Spell Checker and the good old Merriam-Webster are my best friends..."

Dark Sage Update!!!
The book is currently on hold until I can go through some massive editing spurned on by a reviewer. I am so excited about these changes, I'm sure all my readers will enjoy it!

Dark Sage update! 9/14/12
Edits are recommenced and are in full swing. The book has been edited greatly and is being read, sampled, and proofed. I hope to get the new chapters to my editor before the end of the year. Happy reading! Arion.

favourite books

The Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Dune, Star Wars, Clive Cussler novels, The Ring of Five Dragons, Mists of Avalon, The Age of Fire Series, and many more... Just gotta go look at them..

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Chronicles of Kitirr: The Dark....

Arion Naomi

Two teenage girls find themselves thrown, inexplicably into another world. The key in going home rests on the fate of the Dark Sage.

Amber and Mandy thought that they were normal. They didn't know that magic existed, they didn't really believe in "other worlds." They were practical. One day a walk in the woods sends them to a world called Maya where a prophesy exists about them destroying the Dark Sage: "One will touch the darkness and overcome it, the other will become it." They are trained in magic by the enigmatic Rei, a mage from Earth, and a few members of a very exclusive group of magic users.

When the Dark Sage manages to turn the friends to enemies, they find themselves battling eachother across the continent of Kitirr, each striving to achieve their goals to return home. But the Sage's influence is far reaching and very few places are safe anymore.

Vastly edited from its original version on fictionpress.net, the Dark Sage is now just a small part in a very large universe of worlds and novels and magic itself is much more intricate: scientific and yet mystical. The Children of the Stars series will be composed of dozens of books all coming to a head with one final novel encompassing every world.


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Karen Eisenbrey wrote 195 days ago

Arion, Some time back, you read and commented on my wizard fantasy....

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First of all, I want to thank YOU very much for backing my novel to t....

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I have Solian Chronicles: Pluto Genesis on my bookshelf, so do you, I....

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Hi. I am looking for honest feedback on my book, In the Beginning. Wa....

gms1983 wrote 557 days ago

Hey, Arion, just wondering if you've got around to doing the analysis....

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I wrote 583 days ago

Last year, when I was reading this novel, I could have sworn that there were more than ten chapters. Alas! I miss the story already. I was keen on catching myself up to date and eager to see the resolution and ending to the story (aren't we all?), but now I feel I must resign myself to waiting ei... view book

I wrote 928 days ago

Mr. Muir This was a delightful read so far. I do enjoy a good action/mystery/scifi/fantasy book when I can come across them. This is worthy of my praises. There are some small grammar issues, but that is hardly worth stressing. The chapters could use some editing for grammar, the content, tho... view book

I wrote 936 days ago

Wow! I never considered some of your advice prior to this, but I do have some clarification that actually is revealed later in the story. Earth and Kitirr share a history, this is why they have a similar language. In fact, there are many worlds in this universe who share a common language, though... view book

I wrote 941 days ago

I have to say that I read the majority of this on my cellphone's tiny screen. It did not do proper justice. Such an inspired piece of work! I felt like I was a part of the world itself as I read at work. It did get me into a spot of trouble too. I didn't know what to expect from this reading th... view book

I wrote 985 days ago

This novel, so far, is truely splendid. I love dragon adventures and I feel that there is decidedly more that could be told about the fate of this unlikely fellowship. The fact that I read this entire thing under six hours even amazes me; it is that captivating. You are quite the story teller! ... view book

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