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Artemis Rising has finally risen! SpireHouse Books has officially released my YA historical fantasy as an e-book. The novel is available in all formats and all e-readers and e-reader apps. For more information, pop over to: http://www.spirehousebooks.com/items.php?CID=30
Artemis Rising Book Trailer!
Founder and Principal Editor of Stirling Editing, Cheri Lasota has recently finished writing two novels and is working on a third. Cheri honed her editing and writing skills working for three school newspapers, including a stint as editor-in-chief of The Vanguard, a weekly student newspaper at the University of South Alabama. After receiving a B.A. from USA in film, she pursued a career in editing--first nonfiction, and then exclusively fiction. Her particular areas of specialty are historicals, romances, fantasies, mainstream, and thrillers. She also writes a blog for writers on various aspects of the craft.
*Artemis Rising cover pic by Photographer Beth Furumasu. Actress pictured is Mary Nelson.

favourite books

The Power of One, The Lord of the Rings, Tess of the D'urbervilles, Outlander, The Prophet, Tristan and Isolde trilogy, Prince of Dreams, The Thrall's Tale, The Eyre Affair, The Awakening.

Fav Autho books: Of Honest Fame, Crown in the Heather, Pressed for Time, May 1812, Of Moths and Butterflies, Etched in Me, What We May Be.

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http://www.cherilasota.com     http://www.youtube.com/stirlingeditor

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my books

Artemis Rising

Cheri Lasota

Caught between Pagan and Catholic worlds, Eva must choose her own truth or risk the loss of her faith and her love.

Torn between her father's Catholicism and her mother's Pagan beliefs, Eva finally chooses Paganism. She accepts the name of Arethusa but learns too late that her life will mirror the Greek nymph's tragic fate. When they sail to the Azores Islands, her mother tells her that the fulfillment of her destiny rests with Diogo, the shipowner's son. But Eva sees a vision of another ... When the ship founders off the Azores, Tristan, a young Azorean, saves her. Destined to be with Diogo and aching for Tristan's forbidden love, Eva must somehow choose between them, or fate will soon choose for her.

"From the fragile candlelit drama of your opening chapter, through the rocking darkness of the ship's claustrophobic corridors, to the clinical grey light of the orphanage, this book creates a sometimes-pensive, sometimes-terrifying and often-poignant atmosphere." -- Alexandra Riley

Artemis Rising is a YA historical romance set in the late 19th century. Any publisher inquiries can be sent to my agent, Bernadette Baker-Baughman at bbaker (at) victoriasanders (dot) com. See the book trailer here for a visual pitch: http://www.youtube.com/stirlingeditor


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I wrote 1535 days ago

Alan, This strikes me as one of the most original manuscripts I've ever read on this site. I was wowed by your innate ability to get me right into the scene with vivid descriptions that touch on every sense. I feel deeply for Warchief, and was anxious to see how he might resolve his situation. Gr... view book

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Jim, I have to say, I abso-freakin-lutely loved this. Your writing is so dense with delicious descriptions and you bring in so many of the senses that most writers forget to take advantage of. You made me feel instant empathy for Ashfalath, and I was anxious to get him warm inside the Keep. Ooh, th... view book

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Hi Mel, I love where you begin this story. In medias res, just the way I dig it. =) This was awesome. I was hooked from the get go, didin't get confused about the action, felt intimately acquainted instantly with Pete and Lorne, the moment they started teasing each other. Well, well done. Oh, h... view book

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What fine characters you've created, Raymond! They nearly breathe on the page. I can intimately sense Gerard's distrust of Ruth, and frankly, she rather creeps me out too. And a solid ending to your chapter one as well. Your prose, too, whispers of elegance and long, lean lines. Truly well done. I h... view book

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