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Michael is a man and a freelance writer, working in Canada. The ever changing seasons of the Snow Country are constantly sprouting snowflakes of passion in his mind, urging him to return to ink and quill, to amend broken childhood dreams.

Michael will gladly try to read and support your books, if they meet with his magical tastes and if he doesn't end up forgetting.

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ASOIAF by George R.R. Martin, Servant of a Dark God by John Brown, Incendies de Wadji Mouawad, Michel Tremblay's, Glimpses of the Devil by Dr. Scott Peck, Paul Auster's,The Kingkiller Chronicles: The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man's Fear, The Shape of Snakes by Minette Walters, Stephen King's, etc...

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My name is Halima, i got you from www.authonomy.com and i want to h....

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Hello Mr. Aiden, Set in Toronto. Literary fiction pushed to its l....

A G Chaudhuri wrote 818 days ago

Dear Michael, My apologies for this unsolicited message. It’s a....

Nathan O'Hagan wrote 823 days ago

Hi Michael, Apologies for the spam, but would you mind having a look....

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Hi Michael. I was reading profiles to see who might want to read my b....

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I wrote 633 days ago

Stumbled on this by providential circumstances. 'Was smiling when I read what's about. It's pretty relaxing and easy to read this, you might want to continue giving your thoughts on the matter, it's quite good. On chapter two; wouldn't you agree that hell is the place where people who have rejected ... view book

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