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I'm from Liverpool, currently perched precariously in Rome teaching English as a second language, wrestling with both English and Italian grammar, and posting weekly on my blog at ccginn@wordpress.com

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The Gormenghast Trilogy
Wolf Hall
The White Tiger
Grub Street
Never Let Me Go

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Casimir Greenfield
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vivianah wrote 87 days ago

Hello, I like your profile in this community network and I think you....

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Hello my name is queen how are you doing ,i hope fine i saw you....

monicalovee wrote 617 days ago

Hello, My name is monica,i am interested in you, Also I like to kn....

Mommy Lynn wrote 622 days ago

Carol, I've recently joined Authonomy and have been ranked among t....

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Dear Carol, Another shameless request for your attention (no doubt....

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I wrote 724 days ago

I'm enjoying this, Casimir, it's an absorbing and well written story, and I don't have any suggestions that could improve it. It deserves to do well! view book

I wrote 724 days ago

Hi Patio. This is a brave and painful memoir. You're a vivid writer, and you evoke childhood well. I haven't finished all that you've written, but I'm up to Ch 8. I'm commenting now because I think that this is a work which will need some editing when it's finished. The Prologue sets the scene, ... view book

I wrote 724 days ago

Hi Jet. This is a story that fizzes with ideas and I enjoyed it - which is praise from a non-science-fiction reader! I enjoyed the boldness with which you played with the paradoxes around time travel. You flatter the reader ( people like me) by making difficult concepts comprehensible. You have a l... view book

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