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I'm a freelance writer living in the Unites States.

email: michalbethany@yahoo.com

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Notre-Dame de Paris . . . Victor Hugo
King Lear . . . William Shakespeare
Tonio Kroger . . . Thomas Mann
Les Fleurs du Mal . . . Charles Baudelaire
Rain . . . W Somerset Maugham
To Build a Fire . . . Jack London

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April & Josh

Michal Bethany

She teaches him how to be a man, while he teaches her the pitfalls of being overly aggressive.

Both April Grierly, a vibrant feminist jock from Montana, and Josh Grunfeld, a bookish, masculine but soft would-be Shakespearean actor from Long Beach, have fled to Tucson to find themselves. Their coming together makes for a compelling love story, as they exemplify today's youth: moral but distrustful; sensitive but pugnacious; sexually bold but inexperienced.


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tone099 wrote 57 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Cameron Sinclair wrote 138 days ago

Hey guys. I’m not sure if I’m aiming at the right audience here or ....

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eric of bures wrote 161 days ago

Thanks Michal. I'll look at April and Josh v. soon. Eric

Jim Riley wrote 161 days ago

Thank you so much for backing my book, "Sex, God, and Well-being." ....

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I wrote 702 days ago

What a wonderful book,Eileen. I'm so glad I did a search under 'Biography', looking for something fresh. Love the tone, love the the humor, love the warm-hearted embrace of the Thai people. Only got one chapter read, my bleary eyes can't take no mo' today. Backed it, gave it a six keep on chuggin... view book

I wrote 702 days ago

Hi R! I finally found some time to give The Catchers a second, more thorough read. I really love your prose. It's brimming and bubbling with fresh, clear, imaginative storytelling. Just a few examples—"the old hoover would cough and sputter"; "a disgusting long crooked nose that jolted out from hi... view book

I wrote 790 days ago

Annie, I love The Hummingbird. It portrays a rich variety of thought and experience, with a lively ubiquitous wit and an excellent flowing, natural style. I gave it a five, put it on my bookshelf, and have asked to be your friend. I haven't brought my book out yet, but will pretty soon. I noticed ... view book

I wrote 803 days ago

Hi Christine, The thing that strikes me the most is that you are a good writer. The prose flows smoothly and interestingly, with a lovely employment of homegrown verbs. I guess for me, who didn't enjoy high school very much, reading a book that takes me back there isn't very much fun. But I imagin... view book

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