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My name is Brian Platt writing as JB. Woods and I would like to thank those people who backed and commented on 'George Barrington Hunter', especially Donna Robison who did much work to edit it for me. However, owing to my desire to continue with my next project I have withdrawn it from the site as I do not have the time to comit myself to its progress.
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Anything by HV Morton, John le Carre or Dennis Wheatley (especially his Roger Brook series)
No Kiss Goodbye - TDonna Robison

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fledglingowl wrote 13 days ago

JB, Writing to thank you for your review and encouragement of my boo....

Maevesleibhin wrote 202 days ago

Dear JB Thank you for your long support of Fresh Meat and for helpi....

Sam Barclay wrote 207 days ago

Hi JB, Normally I'd offer a read trade, but I know you haven't got....

Software wrote 213 days ago

Hello JB, Hope you are well. Doghouse Blues is currently at 1. Ma....

rukan mk wrote 220 days ago

Hello my friend, How are you today? My name is Miss Rukan, i am a bea....

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I wrote 585 days ago

Kenneth, I love your style and the descriptions put us right in the spot. I think this is possibly the first novel written about the immediate aftermath of the Japanese surrender and how realistic it is. You described my jungle descriptions as good but yours give us the smell and the moment. Well D... view book

I wrote 597 days ago

Hi, Maeve, I found time at last to get around to reading your book and I'm glad I did. I see from previous comments that all the superlatives have been used so I won't bore you with them except to say - It's jolly damned brilliant! You say GBH had ambience. You should know as your book has it in sp... view book

I wrote 609 days ago

Good morning Gail, I've taken a look at your book as you requested and I must say that I'm impressed. Your history as a writer shows and there is very little you need to do to impress H&C. Like most modern authors especially those on Authonomy, me included, there is a tendency to over describe like ... view book

I wrote 611 days ago

Well, Scott, as you requested I've looked at your first chapter and this is what I recommend. Firstly, although not my genre it is an interesting concept and will go down well with all sci-fi fans, however. There's always a - However. First line - Describe the projectile early. Not just any old bu... view book

I wrote 613 days ago

Hi, Lenny! I'm sorry to say that I wasn't immediately drawn into this book. It's an interesting subject and when I jumped forward there were situations true to life but I feel you have to do more to turn it into a true third person narrative. Some of the paragraphs are too long and there is a tende... view book

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