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Dean Lombardo is the author of the sci-fi horror novel, "Vespa" (published by Active Bladder, 2007). The novel can be found on Amazon (only the Kindle version is still available). Dean is working on his fourth novel, and seeking commercial representation.

"Space Games," my sci-fi/pulp thriller featured on Authonomy, was published by Kristell Ink in the UK on May 15, 2013!!! It is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook and other e-book formats.

My latest completed manuscript, "Donkey Sense" formerly "Pedro and Me," is back up on Authonomy after a bit of time in the pasture. It's for all ages, middle grade and up.

A Connecticut native, Dean now resides in northern Virginia.

Note: I'm happy to review the works of my fellow Authonomy authors, but your pitch needs to interest me and you need to conversely take interest in my work. I do not necessarily put books on my shelf when asked or ordered to do so, so please don't assume I will because you've asked. Also, please understand that I maintain a long list of books on my Watch List, so be patient. Thank you and enjoy the site. ~ Dean

favourite books

"Pompeii" by Robert Harris
"Jurassic Park" by Michael Crichton
"The Girl Next Door" by Jack Ketchum
"The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova

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Donkey Sense

Dean Lombardo

Following the death of his father, a bullied 11-year-old boy finds a special friend and guardian angel in a feisty and magical donkey named Pedro.

Eleven-year-old Timmy Unterkanz suffers the death of his dad, and then extreme bullying in a new town. Timmy’s in serious trouble – that is, until Pedro steps in. You see, Pedro’s not your ordinary friend and bodyguard. He’s a talking donkey and he’s got a feisty attitude, similar to that of his owner, a former Texas ranch-hand named J.T. Atkins. Pedro and Mr. Atkins teach Timmy the ropes, like how to defend himself when there are no adults around. Timmy also meets Kelly, his eccentric voice of reason and confidence. Timmy’s safety and happiness will come down to one final showdown against his tormentor, the bully Eddie. Can Timmy turn his life around by proving to girlfriend Kelly – and to himself – that he’s not going to withdraw from a sometimes cruel world? That he’s going to be as feisty and stubborn as a donkey.
~ Cover by the talented Bradley Wind.


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Sharahzade wrote 3 days ago

Hi Dean, I just put your children's book on my watch list. I love....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 7 days ago

Dean, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its full ....

daveocelot wrote 11 days ago

Ta, friend. Sorry if this response is belated - I was away, in the j....

Neville wrote 14 days ago

Hi there, friend. At times we need to wind down a little and re-char....

LisaToohey wrote 17 days ago

Shhhhh I'm learning ;) you must be bored.

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I wrote 42 days ago

Hi Gaius. I read the first two chapters. I like the MC's voice and sense of humor. Twice I was a bit confused but then the answers came shortly after, so no issues there. We humans need something to compare a work to in order to see where a new ms fits into the order of things and I'm likening this... view book

I wrote 44 days ago

Hi. I was back to read the second chapter. Good lean prose which makes for fast reading. Just some punctuation problems that need to be addressed; otherwise very nice, although I am anxious for something big to happen soon. view book

I wrote 48 days ago

Hi Lisa, I read the first chapter and I'll read more. Your storytelling voice has really progressed. There's a certain cynicism to it that I like. For example, "and not enough doctors that (who) cared." Of course, some edits are needed. I've made some notes and will send them to you when I've gotte... view book

I wrote 63 days ago

Hi, This is Dean from Animal Crackers Group. I read the first 3 authonomy chapters and was entertained, especially since I like original styles and storylines vs. formulaic stuff. For my one nitpick, I couldn't make out the line of dialogue in authonomy chapter 3 that read: "Can you read did you sa... view book

I wrote 90 days ago

Thanks for the read and comments. I'll look more into the possessive issue (I'm following Associated Press style until a publisher bites and I believe AP advises to add the additional "s" only in cases such as "Burgess's" where the proper noun has a double "s"). Also, I am writing in American Englis... view book

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