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My Dad was in the Marines during World War II. As a child I questioned him many times about his shiny medals, photographs, letters and postcards to my Mom; things about the war. It seemed the more I pressed him for answers, the more reticent he became. By the time I was eight years old I was writing war stories in the closet where my Dad's uniform hung.

I became obsessed with writing. One day I mailed a story to the Oakland Tribune, and it was published the next weekend in the "Aunt Elsie" column. Well, that did it for me. I was a PUBLISHED author! I was born and raised in Berkeley, California, and a few years later, I entered college and majored in English. I was still writing stories in my free time. A friend of mine who was editing for me, suggested I attend the Iowa Writer's Workshop in Iowa City, Iowa. So off I went to write more stories, and I absolutely loved it! I had just finished a summer session when I received a phone call from my Mom. She said my Dad had just passed away from an aneurysm. I was devastated. My chance to know him was over. A few months later, a package arrived in the mail. I opened it, and wrapped in old newspapers were my Dad's war journals. What a day that was for me. Though by the time I began reading them, I soon understood why he never spoke of the war. It took me a long time to absorb, to rethink, rehash everything that had happened to him. I really took it hard. My husband, Ken and my daughters encouraged me to write his story; that it would be therapeutic. So I began writing, and I could tell with each page I finished I was beginning to come to terms with my grief. By the time I was finished, I was healed. My book EVENSONG is dedicated to my Dad.

Author's Book: â–ºEVENSONG

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Historical Fiction

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I am a fan of Wilbur Smith.

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M. L. St. Sure

A historical romance about a celebrated opera singer in German-occupied France singing the ultimate song of courage and freedom.

Complete at 60,000 words.

Growing up on a poor farm in Missouri and learning how to sing opera from her war-scarred father, young Christina Cross has no idea that the powerful forces of good and evil, of music and war, will one day pull her into the maelstrom of World War II, compelling her to make life-or-death decisions about who she is fighting for in her life, and the price she is willing to pay.

EVENSONG transports the reader to early 1940s Paris, where Christina and her sister, Nicolette, go to live with their grandfather, Philippe Petain. As the Premier of France, he orders her to sing for Hitler, not realizing that she has been recruited by French underground leader Laurent de Gauvion Saint Cyr, who has fallen in love with her. Christina refuses her grandfather's order, which angers Hitler and leads to Nicolette's imprisonment . Laurent tries to free Nicolette, but then learns Christina has been apprehended and given to a Nazi official.

Facing death, Christina is forced to sing for her captor, and chooses a piece that reflects the bravery of the French underground in their fight against their German oppressors.


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