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I am not interested in charts or getting published, I have that end covered myself. I am here for the readings, ideas and critiques to help improve my book and help others do the same. Thats the whole point of this site right?

I am not here for kind words; I am not here for moral support, and I do not need a crutch. I have friends and family for all that. So, do not waste my time with empty complements. Tell me something I can use and I promise to return the favor.

Read mine with insightful comments, and corrections and I will return the favor and if climbing the charts is your thing, I will back your book.

If you enjoy Head Games, consider buying my first book Instant Messenger, availabel through your local bookstore’s order desk, Amazon.com, Borders.com, barnes and noble.com and more.

favourite books

Serial killer, blackmailer, and drug Lord—such is the resume of the man known by some as Ghost. He is stalking his perfect victim through her instant messages. To him, she is “The One” and her death will quench his urge to kill.

Meanwhile, Faye Patterson, a former NYPD Homicide Detective, secretly reopens the case of her missing fiancé. A string of murders leads Faye on the trail of the sadistic killer, who is becoming more ruthless. The Ghost kidnaps Faye’s daughter, thrusting Faye into the path of his murderous rampage. She needs to stop him before her daughter becomes his next victim. But can she?

A masterpiece that delves in the dark realms of aberrant human behavior, Instant Messenger steps up to the league of brilliant psychological thrillers.

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http://www.benoitakoa.com     http://benoitakoa.com/blog

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Hello, my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest i....

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I wrote 1390 days ago

This reminds of of the sixth sense. Yet the plot is original in itself view book

I wrote 1398 days ago

By putting a spin on the Bard I’d say you are a very brave man. I like your spin its good stuff. view book

I wrote 1402 days ago

I am not a good critique for memoires, I am a fiction writer, however, memoires and fiction all do the same basic thing. That said, I noticed throughout (And I read through chapt 16, you use all caps for emphasis, unless these are typos. From my knowledge, Italics and esclamation markls are best use... view book

I wrote 1455 days ago

I think good non-scifi and non-fantastic fiction must be beleivable. Therefore you lost me the moment you said two six year olds sat on a bench and thought of carnal liberation, karmic exercises to hone desires, satisfaction by boys and girls and all that. After reading that I would not continue. ... view book

I wrote 1509 days ago

Not my cup of tea but this is well writen and researched. Excellent work. Instant Messenger benoitakoa.com http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/results.asp?WRD=instant+messenger view book

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