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I am a fun loving person.

I love to read unusual books that will make my mind work and imagine.

I'm here to view and read the books that have been put up and to offer my thoughts and comments to people.

favourite books

I like reading the true story ones.
I like reading romance ones with a twist.

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richard thurston wrote 1336 days ago

HI Penny would very much appreciate your thoughts on my first chapter....

ikraft wrote 1337 days ago

You are my perfect reader! My book is as unusual as they come! It i....

Suzanna E. Nelson wrote 1353 days ago

Dear Penny, I realize that you don't have a book uploaded and I feel....

Mooderino wrote 1360 days ago

hi. If you have time, perhaps you could have a look at my book Licket....

Despinas1 wrote 1360 days ago

Dear Penny, May I tempt you to take a look at The Last Dream? I wou....

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I wrote 1430 days ago

Just finished reading it and I must say it is a very good and funny read. I like how you've written in as a 'story' rather than an autobiography. It made me laugh in places and feel very sorry for you in others. Keep up the good work. I'm glad I got to read it. Penny view book

I wrote 1449 days ago

Hi Abigail, Just finished reading the 3 chapters that you have posted up. I must say this book had me intrigued and still does. Your desciption is wonderfully detailed but not too much. Straightaway the reader can tell Tisha is an independant girl that likes to be daring and have her own way. ... view book

I wrote 1659 days ago

Just finished reading your story. It's great. I like the ideas behind why they are doing it because they are so relateable. I also like how you have made it so that two of the characters have had that experience therefore giving them an even "better" reason do what they do. I would have liked to ... view book

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