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about me

I have 15 years writing experience including a short story published in the December 2007 edition of the Jimston Journal, an online literary magazine, this same story was published in a Christmas Anthology book published by Bluewood.

I have also previously worked with The Front List, which
is a website with the aim of allowing their community
of writers to self-select promising work by providing
detailed feedback in the form of a critque. I write regularly for Spike Magazine and have worked in a freelance capacity for www.offersboutique.co.uk

I have completed five full length novels and also
won a silver award in the author v author short story
competition 2008, supported by the National Literacy
Trust, with my tale: Ellen's Journey.

My first novel - Freedom First Peace Later - was published in December 2010. Check it out and try a sample for free on your Kindle via Amazon.

favourite books

All Marion Keyes! The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin, Ffyona Campbells trilogy, The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Stephen King, Adele, Jodi...

my websites

http://www.jeanettehewitt.moonfruit.com     http://www.amazon.co.uk/Freedom-First-Peace-Later-

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

Fear of the Market Place

Jeanette Hewitt

The word agoraphobia is derived from Latin meaning "fear of the marketplace." This describes an irrational and often disabling fear of being out in public.

Throughout Jack’s confinement he strikes up an unlikely friendship with his elderly neighbour, MRS HIRSCH. She shares her tale of her own confinement in Ravensbruck, the German concentration camp, a past of which she has never spoken of before. She does not speak verbally of her experience, instead she allows Jack to read her manuscript, only pages at a time, of her incarceration during the war, and the ongoing hardship she faced after it was over. Their stories share the similarity of prisons, which they were both desperate to escape, and Mrs Hirsch's tale slowly helps Jack overcome his hurdles


New York Skyline

Jeanette Hewitt

New York Skyline - a deadly game of kidnap, murder and revenge.

Jack, Laurie and Jerry are three strangers running from their own tragedies to start a new life in Paris. In the city of love they find friendship with each other, and slowly begin to put their pasts behind them. Life is peaceful until the past catches up with Laurie and brings the three of them together in a deadly game of kidnap, murder and revenge.


Worlds Apart

Jeanette Hewitt

A breathtaking journey of glamour, jealousy, a mysterious murder, love and friendship found in the most unexpected places.

Joe Palmer is a wildlife and bush craft expert working with tribal people all over the world. His employer is Survival International, a charity that actually exists and is one of a kind in fighting for the rights of tribal people the world over. Although this is essentially a love story, the book highlights the work that survival does and brings to the forefront the trials that these people are facing. Although Joe loves his work with a passion, he is running away from a troubled childhood and a terrible accident, of which he wrongly believes he was the cause of. Kate Bryant is a drifter, her rich girl status disguised by her gypsy nature. After the death of her mother she has also done her own fair share of running, but finally feels ready to face her future in one place and is settling into her newest venture; running a hotel and casino in Cannes with her father. From the sophistication of the South of France, through the African wilderness to the sweeping moors of Yorkshire, their story takes us on a breathtaking journey of glamour, jealousy, a mysterious murder, love and friendship found in the most unexpected places.


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I wrote 742 days ago

Tales like this are very "in" at the moment and I believe there is a market for it. May I suggest you contact agents that represent this kind of biography? There are some grammar issues - very picky, but not many people write in double spacing anymore (two spaces between sentences) just one will d... view book

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Thank you for reading and for your comment. It is a first draft with no editing as yet (hence the typos!) view book

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