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I am a professor of Power Systems (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) with 15 years of experience in teaching. I have been introduced to this website by one of my students whose father has written a book. There are a lot of good writers on this site and I would be glad to offer my opinion, if anyone wishes to ask for it.

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Jack Cerro wrote 742 days ago

I am Jack's failure to follow his own 6th and 8th commandment. 1: ....

ndayerr wrote 890 days ago

(jessica_2vndaye@yahoo.com) My name is jessica i saw your profile t....

Walden Carrington wrote 915 days ago

Prof Pandey, I could use your support of Titanic: Rose Dawson's....

Juliusb wrote 928 days ago

Dear Prof Pandey, Thank you for the support - backing my book. You....

Old Bob wrote 929 days ago

Hi Professor. I was reading profiles to see who might like my book a....

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I wrote 937 days ago

The way you start the pitch decides whether the readers will be engrossed by the book or not and I must say the first two lines are as good as they can ever be. I have gone through the premise and the first chapter and the book has really interested me. view book

I wrote 983 days ago

Hi Mr.Venkatrama, I have come to know about the novel from your son. The story is really good. All the best! view book

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