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Star of the Sea by Joseph O'Connor
Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre
The Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce
On Writing by Stephen King
White Tiger by Aravindh Adiga

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The Blooming of John Musgrave

Robert Burke

Neurotic author meets beguiling temptress. Chaos follows.

John Musgrave is content with his life - or so he thinks. A successful author of crime fiction, he lives a solitary life in the Dublin suburbs, churning out blockbusters and tending to his beloved garden. However, frustrated by the lack of critical acclaim for his work, he embarks on a project to produce a more literary tome.

An encounter at his latest book launch with the intriguing Anna Stilerova - a writer of racy erotica - stirs suppressed passions and throws his life into turmoil. And when his childhood friend Josephine begins a relationship with arch-critic David Lenihan, their friendship is threatened.

As salacious accounts of his newfound celebrity begin to appear in the tabloid press, his uneasy relationship with his curmudgeonly father deteriorates further. And at the promptings of his philandering brother Liam, he begins on his most daunting endeavour yet - the search for love.

As his persistence with his new literary direction leads to conflict with his publisher, and his love life - or lack of it - becomes more frustrating and complicated, where will it lead? All will be revealed as John documents it all in his never-to-be-seen diary...



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cynthiababy wrote 792 days ago

HELLO, My name is Cynthia Donatus,I am interested in your profile ....

Secrets of Life wrote 832 days ago

Hello Robert, I have just uploaded the book I have been working on....

CJT wrote 855 days ago

Hi Robert, I was wondering if I could persuade you into offering your....

JMTE23 wrote 857 days ago

Gave this a well deserved star rating... great entry. Looking forw....

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Hello, I was hoping you could look at my book, God Why Was I Born Gay....

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I wrote 1560 days ago

I like these tales of religious intrigue. This is well written, and reminds me of Umberto Eco. Backed. view book

I wrote 1565 days ago

A vivid, riveting, compulsive read. A story that needs to be told. Backed. view book

I wrote 1582 days ago

The way that information is conveyed jars quite a bit and could do with work IMO. But other than that this is a fast-paced thriller and reminds me of how I felt the day Lehmans Brothers collapsed. Backed. view book

I wrote 1634 days ago

I skipped over the fashion show stuff – not interesting to me, or I doubt to many male readers. There’s a lot of 'telling' in the narrative, rather than letting facts emerge naturally. Other than that, this is a promising story of interweaving lives set over several decades and the backdrop of the p... view book

I wrote 1643 days ago

Written in a nice straightforward style that would appeal to children. Nicely portrays Mara's world. Backed. view book

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