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I do alright for an old dude

Dont be offended if you message me and I dont respond, I pick my own books and use my own method called "The Force"

Dont ask me to back your work, by sending a random mesage cos I have a top TSR, if i am ment to read it then I will...

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miacia7 wrote 486 days ago

I am done! My book has been edited! Read it, find yourself in my situ....

princessjobe wrote 603 days ago

Hello my name is princess i saw your profile today and became inter....

lilian wrote 609 days ago

HELLO How are you today, I hope all is well with you. I am sorry to ....

betampka wrote 623 days ago

Hi,Good Day!!!!!! My name is Binue, I saw your profile today and....

Lenny Banks wrote 632 days ago

Hi Master, I'm reading through books on the site, I got to you and no....

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