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I'm a 35 year old happily married father of two. I'm currently in quality control for a construction company, but I've held many different positions including a stint in the US Navy. Also I'm gonna say that I will only back a book that I believe is good enough to publish, that I would buy as is. I appreciate all backers and I will consider your books, but don't expect me to auto-shelve it.

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The Codex Alera- Jim Butcher
The Dragonlance series- Margret Weiss and Tracy Hickman
Anything by LE Modesitt but especially the Recluse series.

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Jeremy Pittman

The second age of man ended not with a bang but with the shifting of the earths electromagnetic poles.

The civilization of Atlantis was the epitome of magic use. The gods graced them power, and they used it for everything from farming to warfare. The abuse is so rampant the council makes a monumental decision, to remove it.

They reverse the Earth's electromagnetic poles; stopping the flow of magic, but plunging the world into the stone ages.

Without even simple tools, man rises again to the top. They develop tools and technology to replace the magic they don't remember.

Five thousand years later, the poles right themselves, robbing the world of electricity, but restoring magic.

David's birth is the catalyst for the shift. Magic imbedded in his bones, if only he knew it. With Kaylynn and her bond mate Ambrel, he must simultaneously survive the new threats howling and screeching in the dark, and learn to lead the world out of darkness.


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I am done! My book has been edited! Read it, find yourself in my situ....

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"The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale" is a book with one....

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I wrote 680 days ago

Thanks Junetee for your comments, I'm glad to hear you're interested, there will be much more to come. This book lays the groundwork for many other story lines, I'm hoping to make a serial out of it. The preface is on my list of things to do. Right now I'm attempting to beef up the content a bit, it... view book

I wrote 681 days ago

S.G. thank you for your comments. hopefully others will like it as well. view book

I wrote 681 days ago

It's actually something I am considering, thank you for your time. view book

I wrote 681 days ago

It's actually something I am considering, thank you for your time. view book

I wrote 682 days ago

Some suggestions to help you tighten up your flow. 'The morning siren blares, echoing down the metal halls of the sleeping wing. Red lights flash as it wails slowly. By the third and final sounding all are up, dressing their beds. Finishing squaring the corners, I miss the last few rungs of the l... view book

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