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Retired, have traveled a lot, married, we have three sons.
Love to write and read about people. What makes them tick. My first love was dance, write and paint. I don't want to waste time, as it goes faster every day.
I like authonomy, it has opened another dimension for me. There are so many great writers on this site.

favourite books

The Bible-
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Help
Winds of War
House of Mirth

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Six Short Stories with a Twist....

Christine C. May

These six short stories are about life, love, success heartbreak and faith.

These are the stories of six couples across several decades. The strength of the human spirit and their love for life and God.
The first short story, "Reflections," is a love story of a prima ballerina her love for dancing, life and it's meaning.
While "Food Pantry" takes a darker road through mystery, dedication, religion, and murder. It tells the story of how far one woman will go to do what is right.
The third short story, "Man’s Best Friend," is a gripping tale of how one couple's love deepened through the adoption of two scarred Greyhounds.
After which, an independent thirteen year old girl embarks on an impulsive adventure to find her own way through life in “Runaway”. At the close of this gripping novel, "Death's Due" follows the life of a migrating family who faces separation and death as they crisscross Europe and the ocean. My last story,"The black box" I will leave for the reader to find out. You’re invited to travel through the twenties and forties all the way up to the modern age with these characters. Don’t miss this chance to experience the purity of love in all its many forms.


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Tina Webb wrote 12 hours ago

HI Christine, You left comments for my book (it may have been a CLR....

CLF Manager wrote 4 days ago

Hi Christine, Just a reminder: in CLF2 you should do a review ever....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 9 days ago

Christine, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its ....

tone099 wrote 23 days ago

Hi Christine, Thank you for your interest in my debut suspense-thr....

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Thank you for taking the time to read my book. It means a lot to me t....

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I wrote 25 days ago

I finished your book today, well worth reading, it is so different yet believable. How God works in us if we listen. It also is informative about the Koran. There are a few times when you repeat a letter, some small grammatical errors but nothing big. I liked the ending. Christine view book

I wrote 25 days ago

Thank you Robert, that is such a nice thing to say about my book. God bless you. Christine view book

I wrote 28 days ago

Tina, I read three of your Chapters, I found your writing beautiful and amazingly descriptive of creation, love and perfection. I understand that it is 90% fiction, therefor I have no problem with that. Since God is all knowing he must have understood that from Daystar. I will have to read on in o... view book

I wrote 32 days ago

I have read your first Chapter, eager to read on. That is a good sign. There are some sentences that seem a little foreign in American english, not a big deal. Christine view book

I wrote 35 days ago

I have started to read your book. It amazes me how many different ways God helps those who suffer and heals through his word. You have done a great job at revealing his love and power over evil. Look forward to reading on. Christine view book

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