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First of all need to get this off my chest: DO NOT SEND ME MESSAGES ASKING ME TO READ OR BACK YOUR BOOK!

Seriously don't do it, it won't happen. If I need something to read I'll go to the forum and read Shameless Plugs.

That being said, time to introduce myself. I'm from Denmark, in my late-twenties and currently a student after many years working different jobs ranging from cashier to manager.

I spend a lot of time reading, or at least I did, these days I spend most of that time writing instead.

Currently working on a fantasy novel, which isn't classic medieval fantasy, it's more in lines with L.E. Modesitt's The Corean Chronicles, though with less magic.

favourite books

"The Losers" - David Eddings
"Among Thieves" - Douglas Hullick
"The Kingkiller Chronicle" - Patrick Rothfuss
"The Elenium" and "The Tamuli" - David Eddings
"Dune" - Frank Herbert
"The Stand" - Stephen King
"Carrion Comfort" - Dan Simmons
"The Black Magician" - Trudi Canavan
And many others...

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Ted Cross wrote 721 days ago

Thank you so much, Dan! Ted

Nicholette Wolfe wrote 746 days ago

Sorry. Didnt mean to friend. I just wanted to say your avi is rea....

Ted Cross wrote 753 days ago

Well, it's because you always lose when you change books, and once a ....

Ted Cross wrote 753 days ago

That's not a bad plan, except staying at a high TSR is nearly impossi....

Ted Cross wrote 755 days ago

I really appreciate that, Dan, and I love seeing Oko on your shelf, t....

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I wrote 764 days ago

I love the new Cover! view book

I wrote 775 days ago

Finally finished reading the chapters you’ve put online; it is really good, and I will continue to back it, because this is a book I would actually buy. I like the characters, the description and pace of the story. However, I stumbled on something in chapter 3 “Hoof and Horn” which makes for g... view book

I wrote 777 days ago

One of the best prologues I have read in a long time. Will definitely read the rest when I got the time for it. Keep up the good work, and I hope one day to be able to buy your books in a store. view book

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