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Sekvonta Testamento: The Life ....

A Collaboration of Anonymous A....

A modern-day prophet sparks an ideological revolution against the dogmatic political-religious order. Eventually framed as a terrorist, Kontrau Mesio must fight to free humanity.

In the last few hours of their persecuted existence, the hunted Anonymous-Authors upload a series of eye-witness testimonies, speeches, and various other documents, which piece together the life story of a modern-day prophet, Kontrau Mesio.

These writings describe a world where global terrorism and religious extremism have become the norm. To fight against fundamentalist thought, Jon Konsio forms a group which practices spiritual tolerance among all religions. While his ideas spread within a small circle of friends, they eventually attract the brilliant young orator Kontrau Mesio, who will bring an ideological revolution to the masses.

The crowds grow quickly as Mesio’s speeches bring hope to some, while infuriating the brimstone Evangelical leaders. Attempting to utilize Mesio’s fame, Timo, a Neo-Libertarian Party activist turned Anarchist extremist, will try to persuade Mesio that his ideology will eventually become corrupted by the US government unless he adopts anarchy. Conflicted with doubt, Mesio must conquer his fear, and remain true to the revolution he has inspired.

Decades later, a raging debate has formed amongst various sects practicing Mesio’s philosophy. Attempting to dispel the irrational legends that have formed about Mesio, The Anonymous Authors upload the Sekvonta Testamento.


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Kontrau, I saw that you joined a couple months ago, and wanted to sa....

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I wrote 1244 days ago

Neville, What a fantastic world you have quickly established! I find myself intrigued by Esmerelda's past. Your pace is very natural making the reader able to get lost in the universe you have created. Highly recommended! Kontrau Mesio view book

I wrote 1246 days ago

Jane, Vivid descriptions and wonderfully crafted language describing the delicate emotions of this child. My only critique is technical, and that the punctuation is a bit choppy. Even if this is for effect, it can be done in a non-intrusive manner. Best of Luck From Kontrau Mesio view book

I wrote 1246 days ago
I wrote 1246 days ago
I wrote 1246 days ago

Vivid imagery and beautifully descriptive language from the perspective of a child. A feeling of innocence married to despair, well done. My only criticism is technical, and feel that the use of pronunciation is a bit choppy. Even if this is for effect, it still can be done in way that does not ... view book

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