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I've had short stories published in women's magazines & small press and won several competitions. My psychological thriller Hamelin's Child made the first Ed desk here on authonomy in August 2008 and I now have five titles up and selling well in all ebook formats. Feel free to go sample! It costs you nothing and you might even like it.

I DON'T DO SWAPS. Read and comment on my books and I *may* do the same (no promises). Here's a tip - make me feel like you are messaging me personally (because I *will* go and look to see if you've sent the same thing to everybody else). But feel free to get in touch if you genuinely think I'd be interested in reading your stuff, because I might just like it!

My claim to fame - I once asked Stephen King to dance!

favourite books

Oooh - some fantasy, anything by Mark Chadbourn, Storm Constantine, Louise Cooper, Tom Deitz, Stephen Baxter, Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, Matthew Reilly, Greg Bear. And I love all the conspiracy-theory stuff that's around at the moment. All-time favourites include Alan Garner's 'Owl Service' and Susan Cooper's 'Dark Is Rising' sequence.

my websites

www.debbiebennett.co.uk     http://www.amazon.co.uk/Debbie-Bennett/e/B004PGSOX

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my books

The Blue Flamingo

DJ Bennett

What happens when you’re looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found?

The Blue Flamingo has been sold. It’s not a particularly salubrious place, admittedly, but it makes money and the dancers seem happy enough. Matt is reasonably content working there; as technical advisor, office manager and general dogsbody, he often ends up sorting out boss Christian’s love life as well as running the place. So when Matt finds out what his new boss Carl has in store for the small London club, he’s not at all sure he wants to stay on the payroll. But getting out could be harder than he thinks.

Louise spends her days as a bike courier, searching the capital’s streets for any trace of her younger sister who’s been missing from home for over a year now. She delivers a package to the Blue Flamingo and what she sees on the tv monitor there will change her life forever.

Drawn into something neither of them understand, Matt and Louise enlist the help of Christian’s ex-lover – arcade supremo and teenage runaway Kit. And when Kit disappears, Matt realises that Carl is trying to buy their silence, but it’s going to cost more than either of them could ever imagine.

(work in progress)


Blood Ties

Debbie Bennett

When an entire race is fighting for survival, it may be the enemy within that can do the most damage.

What holds a city together - shared history or a mixed gene pool?

Alesha thinks she has all the answers. But she's about to discover that she hasn't even been asking the right questions.

(Novel not yet completed - 69,000 words so far, 80-90k anticipated in total)


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Hi Debbie, That's a bummer about Steven King, but at least you ask....

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I wrote 13 days ago

I like this a lot. But I don't think your short or long pitch do you any favours and very nearly put me off (having read your 500 word opening on a forum thread). But you can write. Very distinctive voice shines through, with witty and engaging dialogue. This is well-suited to the current trend of m... view book

I wrote 102 days ago

I know, I know. Been busy with other stuff. It's next on my list since crime/thriller stuff is clearly where my talents lie.... :-) view book

I wrote 420 days ago

Well I haven't commented on autho for a long time, but what can I say? This was recommended to me so I took a look and then stuck it on my shelf. This is as polished as anything I'd find in a bookshop. Well-written, every word earning its place and just enough description to feed the imagination wit... view book

I wrote 639 days ago

Shelved - again. I had a space and wondered what had disappeared! view book

I wrote 740 days ago

Timeline a little confusing, but you've caught character and tension very well. Chapter 1 was very subtle but the tension was excellent. I could see what was coming - and then it didn't - so far the monster is always behind the next door and that's a clever way to build up this story. I found some o... view book

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