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A Dead God's Tear

Leighmon Eisenhardt

A journey of fantasy and self-discovery awaits as a young apprentice wizards seeks his place in the world.

Marcius Realure, the son of a trade prince, has a secret. He's an apprentice wizard in a town that hates magic. When things go astray, he's forced together with his best friend, a female mage with questionable motives, and a seedy bard, all in a attempt to get him to the Academy to continue his training.


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baby400 wrote 608 days ago

Interesting, How is everything with you, My name is victoria fema....

EPL wrote 646 days ago

Good evening, Just wanted to thank everyone who's read and support....

Tony Colina wrote 647 days ago

Drip drip drip drip drip............the journey begins...........into....

jeeeeb wrote 648 days ago

Hello My name is miss Jelin, i am looking for a new friend i saw you....

GCleare wrote 653 days ago

Hi Leighmon, I am hoping you might take a look at my novel SECRETS ....

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