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I am an aspiring fiction writer with a fledgling trilogy of books in progress. I have been working on my creation for over seven years and I am excited to get some feedback about it. I would like to polish it and hopefully get it published eventually!

I only have the first and second books posted currently as the third is under heavy construction!

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The Sacred Chronicles Book 2: ....

Hannah Duncan

Faced with a daunting destiny, Cara the Chosen One must battle against all the odds to save the magical world of Monora.

After discovering the truth about Princess Callisto, Cara and her companions have a difficult choice to make. Should they continue to serve the wicked Princess of Orb or fight against her to save Monora? It has been revealed that Cara is the next chosen vessel of the Princess and must therefore face off against Callisto for control of land. Callisto's dark plan to sacrifice the Sacred Beasts in order to attain immortality has turned her country upside down and Areth's Queen Kireth is no longer viewed as the enemy. Cara now has to lead the reformed group of Chosen Mages as they struggle onward after the tragic battle at Ravencrest. Leiah and Haku have both left the group for very different reasons, heading west to the Kingdom of Areth with Kai. The newly awakened Phoenix narrowly escaped the clutches of Callisto and time is running out to find and protect the final Sacred Beast, the Unicorn. On their journey to gain the power needed to finally defeat the wicked Princess Callisto, the Chosen Mages must find the strength within themselves to make the difficult choices their destiny requires of them. A sacrifice for salvation


The Sacred Chronicles Book 1: ....

Hannah Duncan

An exciting tale of magic and self-discovery that follows a young girl on her journey to face her destiny.

Cara would never have thought it was possible for a magical world where elves, dragons, and fairies all existed. Then one fateful day, she stumbles upon a strange necklace that transports her to such a world and her life is thrown into chaos. Welcome to Monora, the world that the universe forgot.

Monora is full of new dangers and mythical creatures that will both aid and hamper Cara's quest to discover her place in the tapestry of this world's destiny. It is up to her and her companions to conquer their own fears and delusions in pursuit of the true nature of their magical legacy.

More powerful forces are at work in Monora, however, and Cara has to decide which side to join. The militant Queen Kireth of Areth controls a vast army of mechanical warriors and mages; she seeks only to destroy. Or perhaps the mysterious Princess Callisto of Orb, a strangely ageless and seemingly gentle ruler who promotes harmony and peace. But nothing is as it seems...

Magic, war, love, friendship, betrayal, loyalty....DISCOVERY


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Dr J's Break Free was not published. Authonomy wiped out her backers ....

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I wrote 897 days ago

Thanks for the read, Bill! I appreciate the notes! It is always helpful to have another set of eyes take a fresh look at my work! This book is a lot less worked-over than Book 1, so I'm sure there are a lot of things I can improve! Again, thank you for your time! Glad you liked it! ~h view book

I wrote 925 days ago

Thanks so much for the support! READ ON! view book

I wrote 925 days ago

Thanks so much for the support! READ ON! view book

I wrote 927 days ago

I re-worked the first few chapters and added some things...I hope the addition helps to get more comments and support! view book

I wrote 962 days ago

Thank you for your comment, Kariszma83! It means a lot! I have worked very hard on this book and I would love to eventually get it in print. Please continue watching this book as I hope to post more to the series soon! view book

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