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about me

I am an Author, entrepreneur (www.ieconcepts.in) and fitness/yoga trainer. My first novel Masterji (the wise man says) has been taken up for publishing and is due for release in 2013.

Since childhood I have had to explain and justify to friends that we are neither Punjabis, nor Madwadis, and yes not Madrasi either. We are what you call a mixed fruit punch! Nevertheless, the State of Rajasthan, its people, its colours, its mystery ... find there place in my writing, in my stories.

I am absolutely thrilled about my first release! I wish to thank everyone who has taken the time to review my work and share their suggestions.

I am now working on my second book - Banjara (working title). I have uploaded first few chapters for feedback on the storyline/plot/style etc. I have not edited yet so sentences might be grammatically incorrect and you are most likely to find a few typos here and there. Pardon me for presenting my unpolished work. I am super exited about finishing my second book and would like to know if the story is of interest to readers.
Thank you and good luck!

favourite books

Osho especially Priest and Politicians control the world
Shri Aurobindo's Writings
Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield
Non-fiction - Father, Son & Co - Thomas Watson Jr & Peter Peter Petre
Fiction - Hanna's Daughters and other books by Marianne Fredrickson
Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts
Memoirs of Geisha - Arthur Golden
Midnight's Children - Salman Rushdie
Kite Runner - Khalid Hosseini
Other writers of Indian origin with inspirational writing/story - Jhumpa Lahiri, Vikram Seth, Amish Tripathi and many more!

my websites

http://pujaborker.wordpress.com/     https://www.facebook.com/PujaBorker

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my books

Gypsy Raga - Banjaras (workin....

Puja Borker

The story of love and betrayal, altruism and yearnings, kingship and fidelity, depicts the life of the desert dwellers in it's germinal style.

Around the dunes, at a time when people living across the new-found Hindustan were still lost in the past sacrifices and the present qualms, in the heart of the Hind desert wandered the desert dwellers who remained unperturbed by the inundating restlessness. They are the soul of the desert, constantly filling the vacuum created by the unbounded expanse of sand. They are the gypsies and Banjara is one of the many tribes of this region, lead and guided by the revered gypsy leader – Billa.
Subi – a Banjara girl, had set her eyes on Bheer, at a very early age. Bheer, an orphan, knew that he was indebted to Billa and his family and owed them even what he could not afford. But his heart danced when Champa, Billa's daughter, sang the serenade. Champa, however, longed only for true friendship in both. Subi manages a scathed escape from the man her step-mother sold her to - Thakur; returns to her tanda with hopes of enunciating her misery and winning her love. Bheer's dilemma and Subi's jealousy pre-exist and Champa's mysterious death follows.
Will the spirit of a Banjara's triumph prevail over individual desires?


Masterji ...

Puja Borker

Spanning a time frame between India's freedom and after, Hari treads the path of the mystics.

Hari begins his journey in the Northern State of Rajasthan. His mother single-handedly rescues the children from poverty and moves down South. He grows up with his brother and becomes a successful school master and thus commences his story as Masterji.

With Masterji, we travel back to pre-independence India when marriage outside one's caste was sacrilegious and committing suicide was probably preferable to 'falling in love'. Hoping that obeying his Mother is the best way to pay back his dues as a responsible son, he marries as per his Mother's wish to someone from within the community. Soon he finds out that the marriage is incompatible and seeks separation. A little later, he discovers his love for someone much younger and from a different community. His journey continues with experiences of gains and losses till, finally he listens to the voice within.

Spanning a time frame between India's celebration of freedom and it's repentance over the greed of the powerful, Hari treads the path of the mystics, seeking the unknown in holy places. Caught between the dilemma of his evolving spiritual consciousness and deep-rooted desire to belong, he reflects on the life of yore.


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