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Hello everyone

I've been on this site for some while and have received invaluable advice, as well as making great friends. If you do it for nothing else, do it for that alone.

Gathering of Rain has a publisher (best news ever!) and I must thank Authonomy for the platform that allowed me to whip my ms into shape. Hark to advice- sometimes it really starts you thinking.

Meanwhile, Gathering of Rain is available as an eBook. Wander on over to Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, Amazon...

I'm leaving Rain up as a marker- Rain is followed by House of Valla, Shades of Shadow and The Sunless One (all available as ebooks). Read, comment and back if you wish, but I'd prefer insight into Glittering Darkness at this point. Glittering Darkness is Volume V, but is able to stand alone...


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Books from then and now that resonate!

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http://elainajdavidson.blogspot.com/     http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1500348200

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my books

Gathering of Rain - A Tale fro....

Elaina J Davidson

'There is a darkness coming, but I cannot yet see in what form...'

Two worlds in two universes are on the brink of destruction. Both will burn. Connecting them and their shared fate is a linked past, a thread of light and a tear in the fabric of space. Is there anyone out there able to prevent eternal darkness?

Valaris is threatened by the dara-witch Infinity and beyond Ardosia a Darak Or watches for the perfect opportunity to annihilate a world and its people. When Taranis of the Guardians is summoned to witness what will happen to Valaris should Ardosia fail, he realises they need a sorcerer of extraordinary power...

Rain travels to Farinwood to find the magician Aven. He isn't prepared for what he actually finds. The Maghdim Medaillon, the magical device that creates a thread of light between two realms.

Rain dreams of a little girl from another space crying for help and cannot fathom how that is likely, until he meets the Guardians in the Great Forest of Valaris. When they reveal the presence of a rift, Rain understands he is being gathered to fulfill his destiny...


Glittering Darkness

Elaina J Davidson

Terror has a name.

An ancient map, a strange prophecy…and anyone who speaks of it, dies. A new enemy enters the Valla arena, but this one is as ancient as time, and must be unleashed in a forbidden place. An ancient map points the way. The terrible secret of the real source of Valla power is uncovered and as friends and family are murdered Torrullin stands forth and reveals the truth. There are dragons in my future he once tells Quilla of the Q’lin’la…and that future is now. They are the Kallanon, the Glittering Darkness. Terror has a name.


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vanderlove wrote 19 days ago

Dear Winner This is to inform you that you have won prize money o....

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I wrote 681 days ago

Volume IV in the Tales from the Path of Shades Series. Feedback: very welcome! view book

I wrote 696 days ago

Nice flow, an easy read. Great setting and title. Backed, and good luck. view book

I wrote 697 days ago

Hello again- I'm leaving Gathering of Rain up, but don't expect comments and support (unless you want to!). RAIN is here as the marker into the volumes that follow, for RAIN has a contract and is already selling well as an ebook. Have a look anyway! (Note: chapters 7 and onward are jumbled, but I ca... view book

I wrote 1149 days ago

RAIN has received the most amazing review! Follow the link to my Facebook page and have a gander... view book

I wrote 1208 days ago

A quick head's up: Gathering of Rain is available as an ebook on Smashwords and Barnes&Noble (and others). If you leave a comment here, PLEASE help me with reviews on those sites- thanks! Elaina PS: Volumes II and III are there also, and Volume IV is about to go live. view book

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