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I'm an English teacher living in Spain spending all my free time writing. I finished a Masters in creative writing eight years ago and ever since then I've concentrated on writing children's fiction.

My new book "My Little Brother Just Discovered Rock 'N' Roll" is complete at 62,000 words but only the first half is up on Autho. I'd really like some feedback on this before I send it out to agents next month.

Authonomy has already helped me a lot to improve my book and I have to say a massive thank you to all the people who have commented and backed it. This really is a great place to improve your writing and makes me, as a lone writer, feel like part of a community.

Thanks for reading.

favourite books

Joseph Heller - Catch 22
Charlotte Brontë - Jane Eyre
Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials (Trilogy)
Richard Yates - Revolutionary Road
David Foster Wallace - Infinte Jest
Lucy Middlemass - Jinger Barley and the Murkle Moon

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my books

My Little Brother Just Discove....

Benedict Brown

P.E., Maths and Rock n Roll...

Dennis is too busy pining over the prettiest girl in school and being pushed in the mud every P.E. class to notice what his little brother Jake is up to. When Jake's band suddenly become the hottest thing in Stanley Hall, Dennis is left questioning the building blocks of his existence. Important questions like why everyone thinks Jake Jones is cool, why no one thinks Dennis Jones is and who gets to decide what cool is anyway.

All this is and his secret pursuit of his one great passion, Daniela Valentina, his escape from her boyfriend's fists and the looming school talent show make the habitual horrors of maths and chemistry seem like minor irritations. As his little brother's star goes shooting into the heavens, all Dennis wants to do is survive high school, get the girl and pass his GCSEs. Is that really too much to ask?


The Princess and the Peach

Benedict Brown

A prince, a foundling, trolls, dragons, singing gnomes, a fashion-forward king, bloodsucking pussycats, plenty of princesses and a peach.

A nameless orphan is bought from her cruel owners by a band of thieves led by the charismatic ex-pirate, The Great Bartholomew. The gang warm to the young girl as one of their own and to give her a start in the world they teach her how to behave like an aristocrat, talk like a lady and fight for her life.

In the royal palace, Prince Paul wants nothing more than to be a typical teenager. His vain father and demonic mother demand that he marry a pure-blooded princess who will pass the age-old family test and feel a pea beneath seventeen mattresses but Paul is tired of seeing the lines of pretty princesses turned away. He just wants a girl to hold his hand.

To save the kingdom from a very spoilt princess, the two will have to join forces, take a trip to Hell and avoid getting eaten by bloodthirsty monsters and some hideously cute singing gnomes. A unique adventure full of comedy and romance, “The Princess and the Peach” is an untraditional fairytale with a modern attitude that will keep you reading to the bitter, happy end.


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Stan Mills wrote 11 days ago

Benedict, thank you so much for backing my 'Benson Truelove' story. I....

Michael Matula wrote 12 days ago

Thanks so much for backing the book, Benedict!

rikasworld wrote 18 days ago

Hi Benedict, Okay, I've started up. http://authonomy.com/forums/t....

rikasworld wrote 18 days ago

Hi Benedict, Oh, okay, go on then. I'll take on CHIRG if you're sure....

fledglingowl wrote 18 days ago

Benedict, You give the best critique. Thank for your kind words and ....

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I wrote 99 days ago

YARG Hi there, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, I should have probably waited till after Christmas to put my book up on here as I've had no time. There is a lot to like about your book. You have a good way with language and you combine the different elements and periods well... view book

I wrote 132 days ago

YARG! Hey Chris sorry it's taken me a while. Last time I was on Autho I was working half the hours I do now so it's tougher to find the time. I enjoyed the opening three chapters. You're incredibly good at pacing and though there's not too much action at the very start you keep the reader gr... view book

I wrote 136 days ago

Hi John, This is a return CHIRG. I liked your opening chapters and think it's a big improvement on your early upload of your first book. The biggest strength here is your characters. Especially the two best friend Radgers who we immediately come to like. They add a lot of depth and humour ... view book

I wrote 146 days ago

CHIRG Review HI Craig, There’s some fantastic stuff here. You’re plain and simple a very capable writer with some nice ideas and great comic flourishes. You set up the world of the Treewoods elegantly and I love the old grandfather in his laboratory. I also like the rather scholarly narra... view book

I wrote 146 days ago

CHIRG Review Hi there DLH, There’s a lot to admire about this depression era tale. You have a nice eye for observation and build up the hardworking central character well. There is a nice nostalgic tone which suggests that the narrator is looking back on an earlier period of his life and feels... view book

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